I Am Hope, OVP, Lakas ng Kababaihan sends help

Rina Navarro, Bea Alonzo, VP Leni Robledo collaborates

Women Can, Women Will. Women join forces to help the needy. Her Excellency Vice President Leni Robledo, Rina Navarro, May Militante and women from Lakas ng Kababaihan worked hand in hand.

It’s not just about building a home, it’s not just about getting a career; it’s also about going out there and giving hope to others in need.

I am Hope Org and Lakas ng Kababaihan (LNK) aspires to live in a borderless world where women help women.

I am Hope founded by Rina Navarro and Bea Alonzo, collaborated with the Office of the Vice President Leni Robredo in helping out LNK leaders from the remote islands in Cardona, Rizal. Bea Alonzo, one of the founding members of I Am Hope could not make it to this event due to personal matters.

VP Leni Robledo (center), Rina Navarro (right) CEO of I Am Hope with her Operations Manager May Militante

The collaboration was able to provide hygiene packs, and relief packs to the selected barangays who braved the waves at Laguna De Bay amidst an approaching typhoon to get to Cardona, Rizal proper and claim the goods for their respective areas.

They said that these would be of great help to their daily needs as they are not easily reached by organizations that are doing relief operations.

May this mark the beginning of how a nation can change, in the lens of women leaders empowering others.


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