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GrabCar celebrates first anniversary in the Philippines

GrabCar 1st year anniversary

GrabTaxi, Southeast Asia’s largest taxi-booking mobile phone app, celebrates the first anniversary of GrabCar’s operation in the Philippines. GrabCar, GrabTaxi’s chauffeured car fleet offering, was officially launched May 21, 2014.

Accessed through the GrabTaxi app, GrabCar revolutionizes transportation by giving passengers an option to get to their destination in a private vehicle with just a few taps on their smartphone. It has sealed partnerships with existing private car fleets already operating in the country.

“GrabCar was designed to complement the taxi industry in the Philippines. It targets passengers who are willing to pay a pre-arranged fixed price to get to their destination. It is very different with taxis in terms of payment option,” said Natasha Bautista, GrabTaxi deputy country manager.

“GrabTaxi has been working with the Land Transportation Franchise and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) since day one of operations and has been collaborative with us on the drafts on the policy on the Transportation Network Companies (TNCs),” said Atty. Roberto Cabrera, LTFRB executive director.

Just this month, GrabCar was recognized by the Department of Transportation and Communication (DoTC) under the Transportation Network Companies (TNC) category.

Although the company’s headquarters is based in Singapore, GrabTaxi executives make sure that operations are within the parameters of the transportation rules in the Philippines. It has a permanent office here in the Philippines with more than 200 Filipino employees.

“Like any other legitimate business operating in the country, GrabTaxi pays taxes to the government,” said Bautista.

GrabCar also gives private vehicle owners a chance to be a GrabPeer which lets them operate with GrabCar and offer rides to the public. GrabPeers undergo a strict accreditation process implemented by GrabCar to ensure passengers’ safety and convenience.

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