Goldilocks Promotes Educated Eating

You don’t eat, you die.. feel sad.

But when you invite friends or family members to eat out . . . “Kain tayo!” You instantly become happy, your friends and family members become happy as well!

But unfortunately, the love for eating or dining out for us Pinoys can lead us to overeat. And the required daily diet is not observed.

Being informed about the kind of food we put in our mouth is one of many ways to take care of our health.

Healthier Meals For Filipinos

To address this concern, responsible food establishments and institutions are working hand-in-hand to develop healthier meals that will help Filipinos get the proper nutrition they need, without stopping them from eating what they love.

Three years ago, Goldilocks introduced “Pinggang Pinoy Meals”.

The meals were created as part of an advocacy partnership with the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI). It aims to help provide the right amount of nutrients and calories needed by the average Filipino.

The past year’s Pinggang Pinoy favorites “Pinakbet and Daing na Bangus” set, and the “Monggo and Daing na Bangus” set, are still available for P130 and P120 pesos, respectively.

Joining the Pinggang Pinoy line is the all-new Sauteed Veggies and Chicken BBQ set for only P120. Each meal is served with steamed rice, gelatin, and bottled water.

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