DITO Telecommunity sends notice to NTC, all set for tech audit

In a written document that was sent to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), from the country’s third major telco  player DITO Telecommunity formally gave a written notice of its readiness for the January 7, 2021 technical audit which is the annual audit of committed level of service.  


The independent auditor was chosen from the latest list of accredited auditing firms under Group A of the Philippine SEC and appointed in accordance with the procedure under the rules and regulation on the selection process of the new major player (MC 09-09-2018).


DITO Telecommunity


The chosen independent auditor, R.G. Manabat & Co. (an affiliate of KPMG, an international audit firm) is set to test the connectivity and internet speeds in various areas to ensure that DITO Telecommunity complies with its requirement to cover 37 percent of the population and provide a minimum average internet speed of 27 megabits per second.


Atty. Adel Tamano, DITO Telecommunity Chief Administrative Officer said, “For the past months, amid the difficulties posed by the current global pandemic, DITO Telecommunity has made great strides in the roll-out to ensure that the results of the audit will be positive.”


DITO Telecommunity


The field test to be conducted by the independent auditors, expected to be completed within 30-days, and another 15-days in which to prepare the final report, uses a percentage of the identified 1,600 sites that covers 8,800 barangays in the Philippines as base for the audit.


The DITO Telecommunity executive stressed that the result of the audit does not affect the planned commercial roll-out starting March of this year. “As I have said before, DITO Telecommunity is poised to finally offer its services to the Filipino people in March, world class connectivity that they truly deserve, as we launch commercially.”


Earlier in December, DITO Telecommunity was visited by no other than the National Security Adviser Esperon, DITO NOC and SOC was inspected.


The commercial launch of DITO Telecommunity is set this March 2021. Thus, it will be more or less than 60 days or 2 months before the public can yet avail the simcard to be able to experience full LTE to 5G signal coverage with select cities nationwide.



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