DITO Telecommunity official statement on Technical Audit from NTC

DITO Chief Administrative Officer Atty. Adel Tamano

We have received word from the NTC that DITO has passed the first government technical audit, and has surpassed the speed requirements required. This great news has inspired all of DITO to work even harder as we move toward the beginning of our commercial launch this March 2021.


DITO Telecommunity
DITO Telecommunity official statement on Technical Audit from NTC


Almost a year has gone by since we’ve all had to face the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic. This period has underscored the pressing need for better and more accessible telecommunications services for the Filipino.


DITO Telecommunity
DITO Telecommunity official statement on Technical Audit from NTC


From day one, even before the first ever bid documents were opened and made public, the mandate of providing “better and more accessible” services has stood as the foundation of DITO Telecommunity. 


Initially, there were some doubts about how this seemingly insurmountable task – of building from scratch a viable network in just one year – would be possible. Add to this the challenges of the COVID-19 outbreak. And even just a few months ago, at the start of 2021, some have even expressed their skepticism about whether we could even pass the audit or meet the speed requirements. 


Yesterday, DITO has reached another milestone, and most importantly, we would never have been able to do reach this by ourselves.


DITO Telecommunity
DITO Telecommunity official statement on Technical Audit from NTC


Because of the assistance and guidance of our regulators, most especially Commissioner Cordoba of the National Telecommunications Commission, and Secretary Honasan of the Department of Information and Communications Technology; because of our synergy with our partners; because of the cooperative spirit of other government agencies and various local government units; because of the can-do spirit of our partner-contractors and vendors; because of the technical expertise of our colleagues from ChinaTel; and of course because of the vision and leadership of the Udenna Group; together, we have done what the naysayers said was impossible.


We’re proud of this achievement but the work doesn’t stop here. 


As we move forward to our launch this March, and as part of our commitment to be present in 37% of the population, let me be the first to say that DITO will commercially launch in phases starting the 8th of March first in areas in Visayas and Mindanao. 


So many things still need to be done, so we’re keeping our expectations grounded, and we hope everyone will do the same. We all expect to experience the impact of DITO Telecommunity amplified throughout the country in the next few months. 


Finally, let me reiterate our belief that we are a true partner in nation building, and in the creation of modern telecommunications infrastructure for the Filipino people.

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