CROXTEC safety app is launched

CROXTEC is a flagship product for pedestrian safety

Pedestrian crossing has been a least concern for the children, pregnant, physically challenged, the elderly, people with impaired hearing and those with poor vision. Sadly, this has not been a focus here in the Philippines unlike in other countries where there are designated crossing guards and even priority lanes for them. Fear no more, CROXTEC safety app is launched. But don’t despair, CROXTEC (CROSS-TEK) is now here in the Philippines as it formally launched today. CROXTEC is a flagship product for pedestrian safety is a FREE app downloadable in Google Play. Homegrown and developed in the Philippines for the Philippines pedestrians and drivers. Soon it will be developed for Apple IOS. CROXTEC is the first mobile-based Early Warning Pedestrian Safety Application in the Philippines.

1st pedestrian safety app developed and launched in the Philippines

How was CROXTEC conceptualized?

Filipino balikbayan Debbie Macariola-St.John, who lived in the Bay area for 40 years, 24 years of which she was in the US Automative Industry. She also was an Uber and Lift driver, a hailriding app in the USA. Seeing a lot of road accidents involving the defenseless innocent people, it is so sad to know that there are about 34 Filipinos who die daily due to these road accidents. In Metro Manila alone, there are about 200 incidents daily. Everybody hopes that there will be less or even no more road incidents that leaves family helpless.

Croxtec is envisioned to help stem and stop the rising number of road fatalities from happening by providing an alert system to its users. It is meant to help us become more mindful of the vehicles and pedestrians in our immediate environs. Once you sign in as a user, Croxtec immediately identifies you as either a motorist or pedestrian and sends you alerts on whether you are in the Croxtec Safezone, Caution Zone or Unsafe Zone.

With its pilot launch in the Philippines, which has some of the busiest streets, thoroughfares and highways in Asia, Croxtec confidently drives into a future where the country can join the ranks of smart countries on the global front, with safer roads for its pedestrians and motorists who traverse them every day. With Debbie at the helm, Djanco has taken on the role of creating digital products and applications to enhance smart city living while promoting a more organized and safe urban environment.

Believing that Croxtec has a universal role to play, Debbie is quick to acknowledge that the mobile app will soon see action in Asia, and even in the USA and Europe in the short term, and possibly the rest of the world for the long haul. Starting today, Croxtec can help the Philippines cross safe.

Next stop, the world.


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