Shea Mira and Panasonic forms solid alliance in the Philippines

Beauty Revolution: Celebrating the beautiful alliance between Panasonic Manufacturing Corporation and Shea Mira Corporation

Electronic giant Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation (PMPC) and Shea Mira Corporation announce the formation of their alliance through the event “Beauty Revolution” held on June 19, 2019, at the Grand Ballroom of Okada Manila.

Shea Mira Corporation

Attended by hundreds of industry leaders like Medical Doctors, Dermatologists, and Skin Professionals among others from around the Philippines, “Beauty Revolution” indeed have commenced.

Top executives from Panasonic and Shea Mira were present to include Ms. Glenda Pingol, President of Shea Mira, Mr. Masatoshi Sasaki, President of Panasonic, and Mr. Osamu Maeda, President of Zeal Cosmetics.

Among the highlights of the launch is the awards distribution to medical professionals who attended an extensive crash course in Japan in March 2019.

In this age of modernity and fast-paced living, the beauty industry continues to flourish. With people clamoring to multitask between succeeding in their daily grind while simultaneously attending to their personal needs, it becomes all the more imperative for products and services to keep abreast with the frenzied times. Beauty products and devices, in particular, have evolved immensely- it is evident how technology has dominated even the most seemingly personal and private spheres of our lives. It is in this light that Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines. Corp. and Shea Mira Corporation announced the launching of their alliance through the event “Beauty Revolution” on June 19, 2019, held at the Grand Ballroom of Okada Manila.  

Panasonic, a major Japanese company in the field of electronics known for its credible and quality products, has recently expanded into producing handheld electronic beauty devices that aim to modernize and revolutionize the beauty segment industry. Shea Mira, through its partnership with Japanese company Zeal Cosmetics, introduces avant-garde technology in skin care through the integration of Ostrich antibodies in its beauty products as supported by various scientific researches. The alliance between the two companies promotes a fresher take on beauty and wellness through innovative technologies. With its strong connections with the professional aesthetic market, Shea Mira Corporation aims to foster a direct to consumer accessibility and availability of a wide range of novel skin care products scientifically recommended by skin care practitioners. Panasonic, on the other hand, with its seal of quality and affordability, prides itself with their nano e-technology designed for both hair care and facial cleansing devices.  

Predictive, reliable, and satisfactory results can be expected to stem from the linkage of the companies’ respective offerings. The consumer market will remain to be dynamic and anticipatory, and this newly formed alliance between Panasonic and Shea Mira is but a step towards fulfilling the Beauty Revolution.

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