Promate Bonsai-Qi is what you need by your side

Here’s another exciting product innovation, the Promate Bonsai Qi 3 in 1 device incorporating a bluetooth speaker, wireless charger and lamp into a single elegantly designed table top. The Bonsai-Qi comes in one color and designed like a lampshade of a classy hotel room with a dark black base and a silver stem topped with a wooden finish on the side and white vinyl on top.

Charge wirelessly and share music with bluetooth with your 3-in-1 desk lamp charger and speaker

For starters, slide your finger to the right of the base and your lampshade goes brighter. Slide back left and it goes dim. Pair your bluetooth device with the speakers and listen your jazz, classical, instrumental music and work your way through the room. Volume them up and the downpour of the speakers bounces the sound on the wall and on the table giving you a loud and nothing but clear sound without the noise.


Now if you are using some of the well-known mobile phone brands like Apple iPhone 7, 8 or X, or the Samsung S8 or S9. you will be able to charge your phone wirelessly by settling your phone on top of the black baseplate where the touch sensor for the lampshade is, and you will be able to charge your phone fast and quick. Since it is charging wirelessly, you will be able to get your phone easily and safely whenever an incoming call is or you may answer it and patch through the bluetooth speaker and talk to the calling party on speaker.

Isn’t that great? Functional and great design will win the heart whoever gets to see this.