Upgrade your home entertainment experience with CHERRY Aqua Smart TV

CHERRY unleashes new product, the CHERRY Aqua Smart TV series lineup

CHERRY continues to expand its portfolio as it officially unveils its first TV product line up, the CHERRY Aqua Smart TV.

TV is a source of home entertainment and a regular fixture in most Filipino households. Nowadays, TV has evolved from a passive source of entertainment to a highly interactive one. 


Cherry Aqua Smart TV
Upgrade your home entertainment experience with CHERRY Aqua Smart TV


Having a smart TV today offers a rich multimedia experience. With internet connectivity and easy-to-navigate software. CHERRY Aqua Smart TV gives you access to apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video. There is no need to hold out for the program queue because you can binge watch your preferred movies and TV shows whenever you want.

Contents are easily available in HD, Full HD, and 4K UHD resolution. This level of resolution allows you to have a totally immersive experience when sitting near the TV. Additionally, it enables home networking options that let you connect and control all of your gadgets with a single click.

CHERRY Aqua Smart TV comes in three sizes and is priced attractively, making it a smart catch for your home entertainment. Consider which will fit in your living room or bedroom for the best viewing experience. Choose from a sweet spot selection of a 55-inch model that has a 4K UHD resolution and a newer Google TV operating system. Cap this for 29,999. On the other hand, there is also a 43-inch model that has a Full HD resolution and a 74W power output; it is priced at 19,999. If you are saving some space, you can get a 32-inch model with HD resolution and a 60 Hz refresh rate that runs on Android TV OS for 11,999

Upgrade your home entertainment experience with CHERRY Aqua Smart TV.


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