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Make your dream absolute—this is the challenge offered by finance experts to those hoping to better manage their wealth and future. During the Insular Life Table of Absolute Dreamers event, an audience coming from diverse backgrounds were treated to candid discussions on setting personal targets, missing them, and recoiling from their goals.

Most of the stories follow the same pattern: A dream wardrobe, an anticipated big spend, and a future envisioned many times over, would get them excited to reboot their savings. They will commit to a 52-week challenge or a similar habit-inducing program. When their initial enthusiasm wanes and their expenses barrel in, these newly-pledged savers most often lose their ground.

Insular Life hopes to change this unproductive cycle. The proudly Filipino company introduces an easier and smoother way to live life at its fullest, within one’s means and without packing the weight of savings.

The Insular Life Finance Manager App is designed to be simple, user-friendly, and reminiscent of the Magandang Araw the company promises. Its core function is to visualize how users spend their budgets and motivate them to put in the right amount for the things they value.

Fitting your dreams in your pocket

The Insular Life Finance Manager App makes monthly budgeting easy. Users can choose from ten expenditure items like food, phone and data, utilities, and amortizations, and input how much they spend on each. Even recurring expenses can be programmed into the app, so users can readily include their priority payments.

Each item is represented in bar that is filled out as its users consume its corresponding budget. With this monthly visual, Insular Life Finance Manager App users can monitor their financial progress and readily adjust their spending to meet their monthly savings or even set aside funds for a personal reward.

Through the app, Insular Life shows that living fully does not mean burning a hole in one’s pocket. With their finance manager app, one can begin by putting in the right values for each item on the budget. App users can choose what matters most to them and how much they value those things in their life.

The innovation also ensures that these users get the positive boost to stay on track to reach their dreams. Insular Life Finance Manager App offers links that lead to Magandang Bukas channels. Users can also listen to the upbeat tracks of Insular Life’s Spotify playlist, Magandang Araw para Makinig ng Musika.

If users are looking for financial tips and recommendations from Insular Life’s pool of advisors, they can easily visit their channels and even watch the videos posted by Insular Life’s Magandang Araw messengers. The company also has prepared surprises for their lucky and persistent savers, to make reaching for their goals even more exciting.

Take the first step to pocketing your dreams and download the Insular Life Finance Manager App. Try this new innovation and get the app for free on Google Play Store and on Apple’s App Store.

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