Travel Smart with Fine upgrades

Fine Upgrades Travel Smart Plugs

What is your Everyday Carry?

If you bring a couple of smart phones, tablets, bluetooth headsets, speakers, power banks and bluetooth keyboards, this new product will be best for you.

Travelling with a number of different charges for your devices is not only bulky but also heavy. One thing more, unintentionally if you leave one of your chargers at home or have an unplanned change in sked to go somewhere, you will be faced with one of your gadgets drained and unusable.

So what’s the solution?

Fine Upgrades has the answer for you. The Travel Smart Plugs 5-port USB charger.

Fine Upgrades is the same company that led the hotel industry to change their convenience outlets near your headboard or side table in hotels in Cebu City to a convenient usb charging port.


4 of the 5 ports are 1 Amp and the 5th port is a 2.1 Amp for fast charging. it already comes with a 1.2 meter power cord and a rotating plug, input of 100-240V and 5.1 DC Volts output.

What devices can you charge?

Smart phones, Android, Windows, iOS, tablets, and portable devices such as bluetooth speakers, bluetooth headsets, bluetooth keyboards, gaming devices and even your power banks as well. What you need is to bring your usb charging cords that directly plugs into your devices. So instead of carrying 5 chargers, an extension cord, and an octopus plug, all you need is just one….the travel smart plug.

Imagine if you have 10 devices, then you would only need to carry 2 travel smart plugs instead of 10. You need worry to leave behind a charger that fell through the bed during your travel or if you have left behind at home before your trip.

The travel smart plug is affordable at an amazing price of P1,599 only and comes with a limited 1-year warranty. It is available in most electronics and hardware stores in Cebu, and is available for Metro Manila buyers through LAZADA (click to page).

Travelling with your smart devices now made easy!



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