Thailand speeds up 5G deployment to ignite economic recovery

Thailand Prime Minister and Defence Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on Friday met with Huawei Thailand to exchange views on leveraging 5G and digital innovations to drive economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic, and to strengthen the ASEAN country’s leading position as a digital hub in the region.


“We appreciate Huawei’s commitment to Thailand in the further cooperation on communications and telecommunications, especially the building of 5G network, which the Thai government has emphasized, and we are ready to develop our country’s capability to become the region’s digital technology leader,” said the Thailand Prime Minister. 


Thailand Prime Minister met with Huawei Thailand CEO
Thailand speeds up 5G deployment to ignite economic recovery

Since Thailand officially released its 5G spectrum in February this year, 5G construction has progressed rapidly and put Thailand at the forefront as ASEAN technology leader and one of the most advanced ones in the world. 


5G promoted the development of Thailand’s ICT industry and digital economy, and would help the country recover and develop after the epidemic. It brings advantages and initiatives to Thailand’s construction and economic recovery after the epidemic. More and more countries agree that the 5G-driven ICT industry and digital economy will become the engines that drive economic recovery, bringing economic recovery and new growth.


During the epidemic, Thailand has a large number of demands for work-from-home, suspension of classes, and migration of people’s daily life to the Internet. However, Thailand’s network is stable and user experience is improved. In addition, Thailand has developed many applications such as 5G+AI technology anti-epidemic and 5G+VC online worship. 5G and ICT technologies can help many industries resume production in new ways, such as contactless and cashless. 


In May, Thailand officially announced its National 5G Committee, with Prime Minister Prayut as the chairman, to coordinate the 5G development and boost the digital economy in the country. The committee will promote a clear roadmap for 5G adoption and infrastructure development by ensuring the participation of representatives from key ministries, according to Thailand National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission


“As the COVID-19 pandemic passed, we’re confident that Thailand has the capability to be the regional digital hub. We are willing to support and collaborate with the Thai government to revive Thailand’s economy and society. It is also our commitment in capturing the full capacities of ICT innovations including 5G ecosystem, AI, Big Data, and Cloud Service in order to improve the quality of life, as well as to enhance the capabilities of both public and private sectors. The collaboration will help us accelerate the growth of economy and overcome any challenges ahead of us,” said Abel Deng, CEO of Huawei Thailand.


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