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The heat is on but summer isn’t over until it’s over. Right after holy week this year, the heat spiked and it is has been so hot! What you need are some recreational activities to cool down or to get your kids pre-occupied.


Here are some of the items that you need to make this summer memorable :

Camping outdoors will be one of the best activities you can do with family and friends. There are a lot of recreation areas that allow camping and to pitch tent. You would need this for your comfort and protection and sleeping area. Pitch your tent in a safe area, away from a road where vehicles may pass, a cliff, somewhere there are tall grasses or wet area, and especially far away from cooking area or a camp fire area.


First thing you would need is a portable cooking set that will allow you to cook food, heat water, and almost anything else. 2 or 3 sets will be enough just make sure to bring extra cans of liquid gas. For safety, you must isolate those cannisters while travelling and even when using them to provide accidents such as explosions. Discharge the cannister when not in use.


Since you have a portable stove already, you would need cooking utensils. One or two sets of this will be ok. Make sure to bring a sponge and liquid dishwashing soap to clean them up after using. Keep your cooking utensils dry and stored in a safe area. Best if you can store them in one waterproof dry bag.


Bringing a thermos will be handy as well. The branded ones make sure that whatever you heat, will last longer. I used to have a thermos that keeps my brewed coffee hot for half a day. Bringing a 5-galloon mineral water or 1-galloon purified water is a must. You can’t trust drinking water from tap or any faucet.


Keep your things safe and dry especially your clothes. The only way you can make that happen is if you keep all your things in a water tight sealed bags just like this. It can also serve as a pillow, or a lifesaver in case you would need to cross water. Just get all the sizes since you will never know what you need and it’s important that is ready when you need it.


Clothes must be dry all the time so keep all the clean and dry clothes in one bag. In case there will be clothes that got wet from swimming or rain or from sweat and water from an outdoor activity, you can put them in a plastic bag and place them in one of these dry bags.


Though campfire makes a camping complete, there might be situations that lighting a campfire will not be possible. Like during our team building in Laguna last year, it was raining hard the whole afternoon so the campfire area was so muddy that we weren’t able to light it.


Portable lights will be important to make sure you can see what you are doing and where you are going. You can position these lights in case there will be no available light from the camp area.


It has also been on my wishlist for this T6 LED flashlight that can brighten any dark area for a certain distance. This will be great in identifying something in case you hear something moving within the grass area only to find out it was a dog or a cat. Being ready is important.


This LED flashlight works in two ways, LED flashlight and a baseball bat since the body is solid and strong enough.


Whether you are in a beach, a park, backyard or campsite, this banana bed inflatable will be very useful. You don’t need a pump to have it inflated. It’s so simple to use and keep afterwards.


This is a great idea for your kids to cool down even on your backyard. You would need some help to inflate this though and also volunteers to fill up the pool with water. But once it is inflated, this will bring joy to your kids. Make sure to clean your feet before jumping into the pool and replace the water everyday to prevent bacteria to grow in it.

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