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Skyway 3 extends night time closures for work completion

Motorists will continue to enjoy toll-free and seamless travel from north and south Metro Manila via the newly soft-opened Skyway 3, even as Skyway management has extended its temporary night time closures to give way to finishing work needed in time for the formal opening of all seven lanes on January 14.


Skyway 3 extends night time closures for work completion
Skyway 3 extends night time closures for work completion


Skyway management said that the Skyway 3 project from Buendia, Makati to North Luzon Expressway will be open throughout the day, especially through morning and evening rush hours. However, it will be closed from 10 pm to 4 am from January 8 up to January 13.

Skyway 3 partially closed for repairs
San Miguel Corporation finally opens 18km Skyway 3 for FREE but partially closed for repairs until January 13 for the fully operational opening on January 14


“We are working to make sure that the 18-kilometer north-south stretch of Skyway 3 will be ready for official opening starting January 14. That is why we need to close it during non-peak, late night to early morning hours. We need to complete finishing work on the main stretch,” said San Miguel Corporation president and chief operating officer Ramon S. Ang.

SMC, through its infrastructure unit, holds the concession to the Skyway 3 and Skyway system.

Among the finishing works being done is the installation of street lamps, Skyway said in an earlier statement.

This is to enhance safety especially for motorists driving at night, and overall maintain the qood quality of the experience of driving on the new expressway.

“Again, we thank motorists for the positive feedback, their enthusiasm, and patience. This project is one of the most significant infrastructure achievements in our country—a game-changer that links north and south, and completes the backbone of future economic growth. Along with other important infra projects, it reflects our positive attitude and outlook for the future despite the challenges we face today,” Ang said.

“That is why we will work hard to make sure it will serve Filipinos well, provide convenience and safety, contribute to lessening traffic congestion, and help boost our economic recovery, he added.

SMC opened an initial four lanes of the 18-kilometer expressway last December 29 and has waived toll fees for one month.

Copying a post from the official San Miguel Corporation facebook page, “On January 14, all seven lanes of the 18-km Skyway Stage 3 will be available for motorists. As we prepare for this, please take note of the temporary nighttime closure schedule below. Wethank you for your continuous patience and understanding”.

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