REVIEW : JBL Live 660NC and 460NC, JBL Live Pro+ TWS and Live FREE NC+ TWS

Last June, JBL announced a new lineup of headphones and earbuds with the slogan JBL : choose the sound that fits you as it bravely introduces 11 new products. Definitely, there will be one that suits and fits you really well or probably you would pick two or three, to serve a different purpose for each model.


This time around, i get to review not one, not two, not two, but four out of the eleven products namely the JBL Live 660NC, JBL Live 460NC, JBL Live Pro+ TWS, and the JBL Live FREE NC+ TWS. These 4 products got me and my family high in excitement as we take one each to do a full review.


JBL 660 NC, JBL 460 NC, JBL Live Pro+ TWS and JBL Live FREE NC+
REVIEW : JBL Live 660NC and 460NC, JBL Live Pro+ TWS and Live FREE NC+ TWS


My first choice was the JBL Live 660NC as it comes in stunning black color, full headband with over-ear headphones, with an adjustable headsize which fits perfect for my big head. The JBL Live 660NC comfortable thick cushioned headphone, with various click to lock for various levels of size to fit any head, with the well padded over-ear headphones that rotate upto 45 degrees, gives me that added comfort that it won’t hurt my head and ear overtime. It comes with a a pair of bid drivers giving you a fuller volume of sound. Likewise, it closes and folds easily when you need to store it away. Since it comes with a bigger driver and earphones, with a fully padded foam, there will be a little compromise on the weight.


The JBL Live 660NC is definitely a lot lighter compared to the JBL Club 950NC which i previously reviewed as well, and a little bit heavier than the JBL Live 460NC which comes next after this. The JBL Live 660NC is made and built for the young professional who brings not only his work to him during voice calls and videocalls on the fly, but takes his music a bit seriously for workout or even use it to edit his videos, or needs to listen to more video clips than the average person as it puts your ear enclosed and totally to a new meaning of listening pleasure.


JBL Live 660 NC
JBL Live 660NC


This over ear headphones is equipped with adaptive noise cancelling, “ok google”, google assist and alexa built-in. And since i am an android user, you can use the JBL Live 660NC together with your google assistant to whole new level by commanding and searching for things you need while doing something else. A google home for example which integrates to your phone.


JBL Live 660 NC
JBL Live 660NC


The JBL Live 660NC is designed for music, play, work and watching videos even NETFLIX on the fly. For the mature and grown market, this is for the made for more serious ones as you can also make calls and attend video meetings with ease since the Noise cancelling lets you join meetings without the worry of background noise.


JBL Live 660NC
JBL Live 660NC


The JBL Live 660NC just became my second best choice of the JBL headphones family! Probably because of the full-sized over ear headphones which captures the entire ear inside those thick and comfy pads. Midweight but not sacrificing the headband securing the head and also giving you 50 long hours of playing time.


The headphones 45 degree swivel for easy storage to a softcase or carry pouch makes it a must to be in every worker’s backpack.


JBL Live 460NC and JBL Live 660NC
JBL Live 460NC and JBL Live 660NC


“Be it black or white, JBL got the best form in design, luxury and comfort, not to mention one of the best quality of headphones in the market today!”


JBL Live 460NC
JBL Live 460NC


The JBL Live 460NC comes in black, built with a strong frame just like the JBL 660NC but a little slimmer and thinner. That mesh fabric makes it soft and cushioned that protects the head making it comfortable to wear everyday.  The JBL Live 460NC also tilts 45-degrees inward one way and has that 6 level clicking lock that allows the headphones to expand for bigger heads.


The JBL 460NC comes with a fully padded earphones over ear, that rest on top of the earloaves since it has a smaller cup and a smaller speaker and driver on each side, unlike the JBL 660NC that has a bigger cup that can cover the whole ear inside the foam. Just like a mommy and a baby bluetooth headphones. Check both images below, one on top of each other and another one side by side to compare the difference in size.


JBL Philippines
JBL Live 660NC and JBL Live 460NC


JBL Live 460NC and JBL Live 660NC


The JBL Live 660NC and JBL Live 460NC both delivers great music experience. Not to mention that you can modify the sound quality with the My JBL headphones app that is FREE for download via the Google Play Store.. There are presets from top DJs to choose from, or simply personalize the experience with the equalizer settings that will suit to your own liking.


Both the JBL Live 660NC and JBL Live 460NC has a Google Assistant and stuffed with 50hrs of playtime. The Adaptive Noise Cancelling (ANC) and the passive mode comes as a standard including the 3.5mm and 2.5mm jack if you need to use in a laptop without a bluetooth capability.


The differentiator would be the user since weight will become an issue for a bakcpacker, the JBL 660NC being bigger in size, definitely is heavier than the JBL 460NC. The takeaway would be if your need a full ear over ear headphones and your budget. For the more serious listener, that needs both ears fully covered, the JBL 660NC is the one that suits you. While the JBL 460NC is for the very light backpacker, the one who needs to be agile and ready on the go, when the space and weight consideration matter most or i can say that this is best for your kids.


Whatever you choose, you win as you get the JBL sound quality and assurance as built-in every headphone.


For the JBL Live Pro+ TWS and the JBL Live FREE NC+ TWS review, please click here.


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