RedShield Games hosts RedShield Spartan to engage 100 influencers in the Philippines

RedShield Ambassador Community in the Philippines hears games IDO and NFT presale Q3 2022

RedShield Games, a Play-To-Earn (P2E) blockchain gaming project, organized its first-ever promotional event titled RedShield Spartan in Vikings, Metro Manila, Philippines. The event was attended by 100 influencers with a total outreach of over 40 million followers to further promote and amplify RedShield Games within the gaming community in the Philippines.  


The one-day event attracted potential investors and gaming enthusiasts to attend the event. They were given a first-hand preview of RedShield Games and the gameplay to further engage their interest. for early project sign-up. The Founder of RedShield Games, Wayne Fun, was present during the event with the team to present the potential and roadmap of the game project and be acquainted with the influencers. The event also announced the Token Sale campaign and upcoming milestones of the project; IDO and NFT presale.


RedShield Games
RedShield Games hosts RedShield Spartan to engage 100 influencers in the Philippines


With the presence of 100 Philippines Influencers, RedShield conducted an introduction session to meet them, gathering feedback on the game’s progress and development so far. This group of influencers will be representing RedShield in the Philippines to promote the project while participating in RedShield’s global community events.


“We were excited to welcome all the influencers who have joined us in this project. As the project is fueled by gamers and built for gamers, it is essential that we leverage on key opinion leaders to drive the engagement with the locals. This marks our first step in collaborating with influencers worldwide,” said Wayne. 


While the digital game knows no borders, it soared in the Philippines last year. Based on a study conducted by Statista, the Philippines has boasted 20% crypto adoption, providing a reliable source of income for many of them. On the grassroots level, the Philippines has become a hotspot for blockchain-powered P2E games more than ever before. The RedShield team aims to reach and venture into innovation-driven markets like the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia. 


“The Philippines is the first market we are entering into as we have seen a huge adoption towards P2E games. We believe that the local gaming enthusiasts are more receptive to this model. Hence, we are here to onboard them to this exciting project. We expect to establish a community-owned game with them as they become a part of RedShield Games and unlock a different source of income and enhance their gaming experience,” continued Wayne.


While designing and ideating the game, The RedShield Game Developers have considered replayability and player ownership. The players will have complete control to decide which path they would like to embark on throughout their adventure in the RedShield Universe. Players who want to be part of the RedShield universe are given flexible playstyle options while progressing through the game with compelling lore and visuals. Players can customise their NFT characters with different builds to diversify their gameplay and increase the value of their NFTs.


Set in an alternative dystopian universe in the 1940s during World War 2, every superpower nation conducted their secret experiments aiming to produce controllable super soldiers. Unfortunately, one of these secret experiments took a wrong turn and opened up Pandora’s box for humankind, changing the face of the earth forever. 


Players will battle, collect NFTs – Champions, Symbions and Bunkers – govern the lands and earn from these interactions. The game adopts a community-driven approach and is dedicated to building a real player-generated economy in the ecosystem in which players can buy, sell and trade their NFTs in the marketplace.


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