Redmi Note 12 Series launched, Live Vivid with Xiaomi ambassadors BGYO, Niana Guerrero aand Echo

#TeamRedmiNote ambassadors BGYO, Niana Guerrero. Watch their TikTok dance trend to accompany the midrange phone

Xiaomi recently launched the Redmi Note 12 Series with a lively campaign that encapsulates the Gen Zs’ vivid lifestyle and personality. With the tagline “Live Vivid,” users are encouraged to capture vibrant memories and make attention-grabbing content with the newest mid-range smartphone from Xiaomi.


To further capture the enthusiasm for life of this generation’s youth, Xiaomi launched a song and music video titled “Live Vivid” performed by #TeamRedmiNote ambassadors P-pop group BGYO, and featuring dance and lifestyle creator Niana Guerrero and M4 World Champions Team Echo.


Redmi Note 12
Redmi Note 12 Series launched, Live Vivid with Xiaomi ambassadors BGYO, Niana Guerrero aand Echo


Songwriter and producer Jonathan Manalo, who’s also the creative director of ABS-CBN Music, says,  “‘Live Vivid’ aptly describes Gen Zs who live and love large and want to capture every inspiring moment with their gadgets.”


“Xiaomi’s latest campaign for the Redmi Note 12 Series talks the Gen Z language of living vividly in today’s world,” says Xiaomi Philippines marketing head Tomi Adrias. “We love their creative self-expression, the contagious fun of their content, and the passion with which they live life.”


Redmi Note 12
Redmi Note 12 Series launched, Live Vivid with Xiaomi ambassadors BGYO, Niana Guerrero aand Echo


In addition, the Redmi Note 12’s energetic pop song has also turned into a TikTok challenge called the #LiveVividDanceChallenge, where five winners aged 13 and above get the chance to win one of five Redmi Note 12 5G worth Php16,500 each. Three lucky winners will also get the chance to win 50,000 AirAsia Points redeemable via their AirAsia Member ID. They simply have to post dance videos on their accounts using the #LiveVivid Branded Effect on Tiktok. The post must be public until the end of the promo and include the hashtags #LiveVivid and #RedmiNote12Series in their video captions. The promo event will run from April 19 to July 23, 2023 and the winners will be awarded starting July 7, 2023.



The Redmi Note 12 is the perfect smartphone to live life with enthusiasm, start on new journeys and make great memories. You can capture your life—from momentous to  everyday events—from every angle with a triple camera system featuring a high-resolution main lens, an ultra-wide lens, and a dedicated macro lens.


With an eye-catching design, Redmi Note 12 features a 6.67” AMOLED display that lets you watch content with vivid color for a seamless visual experience.  Its 4096 levels of brightness adjustment allow screen dimming to be smooth and subtle and takes out the glare when the ambient lighting changes. Redmi Note 12 delivers smooth and boosted performance with a powerful 6nm Snapdragon 685 from Qualcomm.


If you’re a content creator or an avid content consumer, you’ll love that you don’t have to charge frequently with its super long battery life of up to 1.35 days.


Now’s your chance to make excellent content with the Redmi Note 12. Take the #LiveVividDanceChallenge on Tiktok! Promo runs from April 19 to July 23, 2023. Awarding of five winners of Redmi Note 12 will be held starting July 7, 2023.


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