Real Estate selling innovation by Hoppler

Hoppler, a startup company that invented a new way to make both the seller and broker meet online, made a historical breakthrough. Mr Raymond Gonzales, Hoppler fouding President and Chief Operating Officer and Ramon Ballesca Jr., Hoppler Chief Executive Officer, has conceptualized a different way to let the property owner, the broker and the buyer, meet and greet online.

Hoppler cultivates its network of brokers by prioritizing a sense of community and exclusivity between all its partners. Being a partner is easy, says Raymond Atencio and Jeffrey Sanchez, who are now partner brokers of Hoppler after undergoing the process of accreditation.

Hoppler uses the most powerful tool, the internet via the worldwide web, and its homegrown Customer Relation Management (CRM), to link all the essential components : the seller/property, the broker and the buyer. In some cases, the seller is also the broker, who brings his own listings of real estate properties entrusted to him. One makes it unique is that there are no limits on the number of properties that any seller/broker may post unto the hoppler website.

By joining the Partner Broker Program, members receive exclusive access to Kumita, Hoppler’s own CRM tool, where brokers may track every phase of their sales process and efficiently manage their clients, either through mobile or on their desktop. Partners benefit from listing an unlimited number of properties and their own listings will be advertised across Hoppler’s network.

Hoppler boasts of updating their listings regularly to ensure that the details of each property remain accurate especially its availability and that there are no duplicates on the site. By opening its doors to brokers to join a network of esteemed and results-driven brokers, Hoppler breaks tradition by prioritizing the value of cooperation. They pave the way for two or more partners to co-broker by connecting one broker’s lead that matches another‘s listings. By being in the same network, they work with one another to get clients and listings.

The Partner Broker Program provides the community not only with unlimited access to the website’s features but also priority invites to trainings and seminars with talks by other partner brokers to inspire and motivate their work. Networking events are also held to give partner brokers an opportunity to expand and strengthen their networks.

Hoppler invites brokers to join the Partner Broker Program to realize and experience the growth that being surrounded by other professionals of the same industry will do for both the broker and his business.

Anyone can be a partner broker, male or female, any age, with or without previous experience, as long as you have the dedication of being one. With the Website, the CRM tool Kumita, linking both worlds is very easy with the internal customer support and hotline. This makes sure that each buyer that inquires on the website is well-attended, screened and selected on their desired property, then passed on to a partner broker.

Isn’t it fun and easy? Go now to hoppler website and found out.