Putting up your own business through running a franchise outlet now made easier through BPI Family Ka-Negosyo’s Franchising Loan

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According to a study, 7 out of 10 Filipinos would like to put up a business but are too afraid to try. Owning and running one’s business is a long-cherished dream for many professionals who are tired of the daily grind. It is also an aspiration for Overseas Filipinos (OFs) who want to ensure that their hard-earned money are invested in a self-sustaining, profitable enterprise that can create a happy, secure future for their loved ones for years to come. However, while the idea is attractive, entrepreneurship can also be daunting for many of these people for various reasons: the lack of capital, the absence of knowledge and training in running a business, their limited time in working on the potential business, or simply because they do not know where to start.

Unknown to them, their dream is very much within reach. BPI Family Savings Bank’s Ka-Negosyo Franchising Loan can make funding, especially for the initial capital for a franchise, available to these budding entrepreneurs with terms that are both reasonable and achievable.

No experience needed
BPI Family Ka-Negosyo likewise makes it easier for budding entrepreneurs who have no prior experience in running a business by linking them with successful franchises that are always looking for potential franchisees to invest in their franchise brand and run their own respective outlets. The guidance and training that a franchisee gets from the franchisor is essential to the success of franchise acquisition because they get to know important guidelines such as projection on investment pay back terms; factors that can effectively operationalize the business; and the various types of funding they would need from start-up capital to operational expenses, at least during the beginning of the venture.

The Ka-Negosyo Franchising Loan is specifically designed to cater to the entire franchise industry’s financial needs. A client may want to invest in an established franchise, and he may or may not have the experience in running one. A light payment scheme is offered at the beginning of the amortization that is a great help in managing cash flows which oftentimes hard to manage at the beginning of any business venture. The BPI Family Savings Bank is currently the only financial institution in the Philippines that has the Franchising Loan financial solution.

BPI Family Ka-Negosyo has strong alliances with the industry leaders in reputable organizations such as the Philippine Franchise Association and Association of Filipino Franchisers, Inc. This partnership opens up doors of opportunities for would-be entrepreneurs who want to put up a franchise business but need guidance to make informed decisions on the kind of franchise that they would select.

The Ka-Negosyo Best List

BPI Family Ka-Negosyo also has created the Ka-Negosyo Best List, the members of which it would recommend to entrepreneurs who are choosing a particular brand to invest in. It is a shortlist of accredited brands of BPI Family Savings Bank. These are brands who have good financial standing and provide significant marketing support for their franchisees.

These brands that come under the Ka-Negosyo Best List include household names with significant market recall such as:

1 Adobo Connection
2 Aqua 2000
3 Aquabest
4 Aquasoft
5 Avon
6 Bibingkinitan
7 Binalot
8 Black Pearl
9 Bread & Butter
10 Buko Loco
11 Buko ni Fruitas
12 California Nail and Spa
13 Caltex Service Stations
14 Crystal Clear
15 Eastern Petroleum Corporation
16 Fiorgelato
17 Flawless
18 Francorp
19 Fruit Magic
20 Fruitas
21 Generika
22 House of Desserts
23 Hungry Hippo
24 Hungry Juan
25 Juice Avenue
26 Julie’s Bakeshop
27 Kumon Philippines, Inc
28 Laundrybest
29 Lay Bare
30 Mango Farm
31 Medicus Philippines, Inc
32 Ministop
33 Minute Burger
34 Monterey
35 Mr. Quickie
36 Oxyplus
37 Panadero
38 Petron Dealers Association
39 Phoenix Petroleum
40 Posh Nails
41 Potato Corner
42 PR Gaz
43 Rapide Auto Service
44 Razon’s
45 San Mig Food Avenue
46 Seaoil
47 The Generics Pharmacy
48 Total
49 Yes Yes Yo
50 Ystilo Salon
51 Vente
52 Goto King
53 Mont Albo Wellness Corp
54 Munsterific
55 Farmacia ni Dok
56 Calda Pizza
57 7-eleven
58 Islands Souvenirs, Inc
59 PTT Philippines Corp
60 Unioil Petroleum
61 Lots a Pizza
62 Eastern Petroleum – EC Gas LPG
63 Mrs. Fields
64 Subway
65 Family Mart
66 Gamot Publiko
67 HBC
68 Kambal Pandesal


With the launch of the annual gathering of these franchise brands dubbed as “Ka-Negosyo Best List Congress”, BPI Family Bank will be inducting to the prestigious list famous brands like, Max’s Restaurant, Goldilocks, Teriyaki Boy, Pancake House, Yellow Cab, Sizzling Pepper Steak, Dencio’s, Via Mare and Le Couer de France among others.

Those who choose to invest in and operate in a franchise that is part of the Ka-Negosyo Best List may avail of a loan to fund their start-up AT ZERO COLLATERAL – something unheard of in any other transaction.
BPI Family Savings Bank has designed their Ka-Negosyo Franchising Loan and aligned it with the Best List Franchise Brands to encourage and support industrious, hardworking, and courageous Filipinos to realize their dreams of owning their own business.

They have made it easier by making access to Franchising Loan very accessible. Interested parties don’t have to go to BPI Family Savings Bank branches to apply for a Ka-Negosyo loan. All they need to do is apply online. Visit www.bpiloans.com, click the Ka-Negosyo microsite and click APPLY NOW. Prospective franchisees may also look for a wide array of franchise brands via the FRANCHISE FINDER. Brands are grouped according to industry like food, services, etc. therefore makes it easy to look for the brand that is close to one’s passion.

With BPI Family Ka-Negosyo Franchising Loan, “being your own boss” is not a dream anymore but a reality.


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