Philippines’ Top ICT Distributor VSTECS holds CXO Innovation Summit on Dec 7 to 10

This pandemic has really shifted businesses to tilt and shift to a different platform. Having online web sessions are no longer a thing of the future, it is our present day normal way of meeting people, doing business and even conducting seminars and trainings.


Having a technology refresh from the Philippines’ Top ICT Distributor VSTECS holds CXO Innovation Summit on Dec 7 to 10 which is another milestone. VSTECS has conducted several series of Tech Summits that has been successful for the whole industry, vis-a-vis end to end B2B execution of solutions and products from leading brands, not just from a single vendor but from multiple competing and complimenting ones.


VSTECS CXO Innovation Summit
Philippines’ Top ICT Distributor VSTECS holds CXO Innovation Summit on Dec 7 to 10


Only such a company such as VSTECS is equipped to do this, having a workforce and the mindset from its President Jimmy Go, whose anatomy is to be able to bring different solutions, different perspectives, giving the end-user the flexibility and the ultimate goal to comply and adhere to the latest ICT standards, regulations and  certifications to protect their businesses adopting to the new change, having all employees be able to work remotely with ease of use, accessibility and peace of mind.


In what appears to be the largest virtual gathering of tech brands and IT leaders, VSTECS Phils., Inc. hosts the CXO Innovation Summit 2021 on December 7-10 to help participants navigate the future of digital business. Since 2018, the event has been an important venue for tech providers and key IT decision makers to exchange insights, industry trends and technology updates. With this year’s theme Smarter Business. Smarter World talks are curated into four topics of interests.


“Our goal for this year’s CXO Innovation Summit is to help you navigate the many complexities brought about by this pandemic, foster a culture of change, and embrace a digital-first mindset.


Through the lenses of our vendors, we will examine with a critical eye how technology will continue to alter businesses and the importance to prepare for a future powered by automation”, says Jimmy D. Go, president and CEO, VSTECS Phils., Inc.


Data in Motion: Impact on Emerging Technologies

Data is, without a doubt, the fuel of digital transformation and the lifeblood of AI. When properly harnessed, it drives innovation, improves competitiveness, and enhances customer experiences. According to IDC, the amount of digital data created over the next five years will be greater than twice the amount of data created since the advent of digital storage. It predicts that the collective sum of the world’s data could add up to 175 zettabytes in 2025. By 2025 every connected person in the world (about 75% of the total population at that time) will have a digital data engagement over 4,900 times per day, about once every 18 seconds. The IoT devices generating much of this data will generate over 90 ZB of data in 2025.


Amid the explosion of data and how it could spur innovation, without the right tools, it would be impossible to unlock its true value. Sessions of the day will examine the crucial role of data to the success of AI and ML applications highlighting data collection and data management solutions. This will guide participants on how to devise an effect data strategy.


The Hyperconnected World

Advances in communication and networking technologies have changed the way we create, process, and share information. As the number of IoT devices continue to rise, 5G will be play an important role to make IoT more efficient and effective allowing to transmit vast amounts of data in real time. Driven by the massive adoption of digital technologies, increased usage of mobile devices, sensors, and the proliferation of data capturing devices, data landscape has never been the same. According to Bernard Marr, growing data volumes, faster network and processor speeds, and the “democratization” of data are coming together and will affect society in a way that is much more than the sum of their parts.


Tracks will discuss trends affecting the future of connectivity, implications of a hyperconnected world, and how data explosion is forcing organizations to rethink their data storage strategy.


Cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence

The unprecedented rush to move online presented new forms of challenges including the alarming cases of cyberattacks which vary in form, scope, and frequency.  Cyber criminals seized the opportunity to launch treacherous attacks leading to a cyber pandemic. Among others, the increase in consumer demand for digital technologies, rise of digital wallets, changes in corporate networks to enable remote work force, rapid acceleration of digital transformation initiatives, and the use of personal devices to allow remote working created the perfect storm for cybercrime.


With remote working as the new normal, enabling safer data access becomes imperative


Sessions will highlight tools organizations need to survive and succeed in the post pandemic era and the evolving faces of cyberthreats including AI-enabled cyberattacks.


The Future of Business

The covid-19 pandemic has accelerated digital adoption affecting business priorities and timelines.  According to a Mckinsey & Company study, on the average digital adoption increased 7 years whereas in Asia-Pacific, it leapfrogged 10 years of progress in a matter of months. Many of these changes will forever alter the way we work, and the way we live. 


With the unprecedented growth of cloud adoption, globalization, explosion of data, emergence of disruptive technologies, growing trust on e-commerce, remote work becoming the new norm, and the evolving trends in networking, how do we prepare for the future? how will the future of work look like? How will these shifts change the future of business?   


This year’s CXO Summit is participated in by 39 leading ICT brands featuring 73 sessions and 72 local and regional speakers.  Participating vendors are Alibaba Cloud, APC by Schneider, Automation Anywhere, Cisco, Citrix, Cloudera, Cohesity, Commvault, Dell Technologies, FireEye, Fortinet, H3C, HPE, Huawei, IBM, iBoss, Informatica, Juniper, Kaspersky, LogMein, MicroFocus, Microsoft, NetApp, Nvidia, Nutanix, Oracle, Poly, Riverbed, RSA, Rubrik, SAP, SAS, SuperMicro, Sunmi, Suse, Trend Micro, VMware, Yugabyte, and Zebra.


Without a doubt, this year’s CXO Summit will be an important gathering to help organizations create a roadmap of the digital future.


The event is by invitation only and is exclusive to C-Level ICT executives.  For free registration, please email



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