PhilCare Wellness Index Report: Pinoy are happy about their health

Majority of Filipino feel good about their health.

That’s the good news despite the fact that they are unable to get regular medical check-ups. But the more critical issue is they are generally not as well prepared to spend for their medical needs.

In a recently-concluded study made by PhilCare called the PhilCare Wellness Index, it was revealed that Filipinos are in overall good health. They also believed that they enjoy ideal weight, despite their bodies not being in tip-top shape.

Respondents from key parts of the country were asked from a seven-point scale, with the score as one as “very good” to a score of seven, which is “very bad”.

Respondents rated themselves as “somewhat good” as their overall health condition.

Despite the sense of optimism about their health, Filipinos admit that they lack the confidence to address their medical needs. Four out of 10 Filipinos are unsure whether they can pay for their medical bills, while 35% are also not sure they could afford regular medical check-ups.

Former DOH Secretary Enrique Ona told Elifestyle Manila 65% of Filipinos have used and enjoyed the benefits of the PhilHealth card. This is a low number knowing that during his time as health secretary, they already distributed more than 90% PhilHealth cards.

The PhilCare Wellness Index Report is the second study of its kind in the Philippines. The survey allowed the HMO company to develop affordable and responsive medical insurance plans that provide coverage to thousands of Filipinos without health insurance.

The survey involved a total of 1,350 respondents and was interviewed face to face from a multi-stage cluster and regional sampling from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, and the NCR.


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