PayMaya double cashback rewards when you Scan to Pay PayMaya QR or Pay with your number

Get a 2nd #balikbayad when you #scantopay or #paywithyournumber so #dontpaycashpaymaya

Going cashless has definitely kept our transactions safer and more convenient in these critical times. As we depend on contactless transactions to give us an added layer of safety for our day-to-day needs, PayMaya is making it even more rewarding so you can also get the most value for your money.
From now until September 30, PayMaya is giving you more chances to get up to 100% Balik Bayad (max of P500) when you pay using PayMaya online and in-store with its double cashback promo!
All you have to do is #ScanToPay via PayMaya QR for your in-store and on-delivery transactions of any amount, or spend at least P500 when you pay online using your PayMaya mobile number.
Paymaya lets you double up your safety and rewards until September 30
Here are the promo mechanics :
  1. Promo period is from September 23 – 30, 2020
  2. This promo is open to all PayMaya consumer accounts who will shop at any of our partner merchants.
  3. Offer is valid for #ScanToPay with PayMaya QR transactions of any amount and #PayWithYourNumber online transactions of at least P500.
  4. Qualified users will get a cashback voucher of either of the following:
    1. 1% of the total qualified transaction, maximum of P500 per transaction
    2. 10% of the total qualified transaction, maximum of P500 per transaction
    3. 100% of the total qualified transaction, maximum of P500 per transaction
  5. The maximum accumulated cashback each participating user can earn during the promo period is PHP500.
  6. The following transactions are NOT included in this promo and will not earn a cashback voucher:
    1. Online payments made via the PayMaya virtual or physical card
    2. Bill payments
    3. Purchase of prepaid load, gaming pins and treats via the PayMaya app or PayMaya in Messenger
  7. Qualified users will receive their Balik Bayad in the form of a cashback voucher in the PayMaya app.
  8. To redeem the cashback voucher, follow these steps:
    1. Open the PayMaya app and log in to your account.
    2. Tap “Vouchers” in the home screen.
    3. Select the voucher you want to redeem under “Available” and tap “Claim”.
    4. Review the details and amount of the voucher and tap “Claim Now”.
    5. You will receive a notification of the voucher redemption in-app and via SMS.
    6. Redeemed voucher amount will be reflected in your PayMaya account balance.
  9. Qualified users will receive their cashback voucher any time after their valid transaction to up to fourteen (14) business days after the promo period.
  10. Splitting of payment transactions will not be allowed. A single transaction that is split into multiple payments with the intention of redeeming more than one cashback will NOT qualify.
  11. This promo is applicable to unique and valid PayMaya accounts only. Multiple transactions/payments made from the same device using different mobile numbers will not be considered valid.
  12. Users with duplicate accounts or who are blacklisted cannot participate in this promo.
  13. PayMaya reserves the right to refuse the awarding of cashback or rewards to accounts that are suspected to be invalid or fraudulent (i.e. abuse of system or weakness in the promo to win prizes or receive benefits).
  14. PayMaya reserves the right to withdraw cashback or rewards to invalid accounts even if the user has already received the cashback or benefit.
  15. Should the qualified transaction be cancelled or declined, whether the cancellation is customer- or biller initiated,PayMaya reserves the right to withdraw the cashback or rewards equivalent to the cancelled payment transaction, even if the cashback has already been credited. PayMaya reserves the right to debit any points/cash reward credited from your balance. If your balance is insufficient to cover the amount to be withdrawn at the time of withdrawal, PayMaya reserves the right to debit the balance not withdrawn when your balance is sufficient.
  16. PayMaya users with merchant accounts and those under PayMaya Negosyo are disqualified from participating in this promo.
  17. PayMaya users who have exceeded their aggregate limits may not receive their cashback on time. The cashback can only be credited the following month or once a user’s account balance is once again within the allowable limits – PHP50,000 for starter accounts and PHP100,000 for upgraded accounts.
  18. The customer must notify PayMaya for any complaints regarding the promo. The decision of PayMaya on the complaint with concurrence of DTI-FTEB shall be considered final. For clarifications and complaints relative to this promo, please call (+632) 8845-7788 or email
  19. In the purchase of goods and services which are on promotional discount, the senior citizen can avail of the promotional discount or the discount provided under the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010, whichever is higher.
  20. All PayMaya users must follow strict compliance with mandatory social distancing requirements as imposed by the Philippine government to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. For your health and safety, always remember to maintain spacing of at least 1 meter in diameter between you and other people while in public areas.
Paymaya lets you double up your safety and rewards until September 30

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB 105439, Series of 2020.

Countdown 5 more days.


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