On and Off Buddyphones are the safest headphones for kids

OnanOff, creator of intelligent accessories for gadgets, announces the availability of the BuddyPhones “Color Your Music” series in the Philippines. It’s a kid-friendly headphone with new customizable color-in sticker packs. Kids choose how they want to design their headphones and color directly onto the stickers with crayons or markers, and then stick them on the BuddyPhones for a fresh and unique look. The “Color Your Music” series is perfect for helping kids unleash their creativity as they draw, stick and play. With the included BuddyCable, the little ones won’t have to fight over time with the iPad.

How much is the BuddyPhones?

At just Php1,383 and Php2,214, the BuddyPhones are the perfect gift for your budding artist or musician this Christmas.


On and Off BuddyPhones

The “Color Your Music” series sports BuddyPhones’ volume-limiting technology for safe listening, a bendable and flexible headband and a BuddyCable audio splitter so up to four friends can listen to one device at the same time.


Where can you buy BuddyPhones?

BuddyPhones are available at the Globe Gen3 stores and online store via Lazada Philippines.

OnandOff BuddyPhones

Too loud and volumes on your headphones or earphones is not good for kids, causing adverse long-term effects such as hearing loss or ear infections. A built-in volume-limiting design keeps sound pressure down to 85 decibels, or less, which is the approved level recommended by World Health Organization (WHO).

Because volume-limiting doesn’t have to be fun-limiting, the new BuddyPhones “Color Your Music” series can be customized with a variety of decorative stickers and coloring sets. Kids can design their own stickers, or use the five included with purchase, to add their own personal touch. BuddyPhones are also sturdy, yet comfortable, using a durable, bendable headband design that protects against playtime wear-and-tear.

Use the “buddy system” with BuddyPhones’ built-in BuddyCable audio splitter. The little ones can share sound with up to four buddies or parents by plugging a second audio cable into their own – no more fights over the iPad. The adaptor is built-in so it’s never lost or forgotten when you need it most. BuddyPhones also feature a single line-in cable to prevent tangles.


Technical Specifications:                                                                                                        

Driver Unit: 30mm

Impedance: 32ohm

Sensitivity: 85 +/-3 dB @1mW 1kHz

Frequency Response: 20-20KHz

Max Input Power: 20mW

Cord Length: 0.8m

Plug 3.5mm gold plated

Designed for ages 3 and up

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