Ninja Van Philippines automates hub with fully integrated measurement and sortation system

Ninja Van ramps up sort automation efforts for faster, more efficient deliveries.

Tech-enabled logistics company Ninja Van Philippines continues to strive for operational excellence in order to better meet the needs of its customers nationwide. Along with strengthening its core services and improving delivery speed, the company has installed new sortation systems in its new automated hub in Cabuyao, Laguna. Spanning 21,000-sqm, this is the largest automated hub and sortation system in the whole Ninja Van Group.


With integrated parcel measurement and real-time parcel status connectivity, these latest sortation systems will ensure that Ninja Van Philippines has the capacity to fulfill the growing delivery demand in the country.


Ninja Van Philippines
Ninja Van is ramping up its sort automation efforts for faster, more efficient deliveries


One of the key highlights is our double deck cross belt sorter that simultaneously measures, weighs, photographs and sorts parcels at an estimated throughput rate of 20,000 units per hour. Not only that, the new belt also provides seamless real-time parcel data, sharing instant feedback and updates to shippers and shoppers on their parcel status. 


Faster deliveries can be expected as the cross belt sorter boosts Ninja Van Philippines’s receiving capacity by 300% with a 400% increase in outbound speed. In terms of speed, it has increased the number of parcels processed per hour by 400% and spatial capacity by 500%.


“The addition of new sortation systems in our Cabuyao hub is part of our continued efforts for operational excellence  With this, we can ensure on-time deliveries and better customer service that are in line with the customer-first agenda that we are pushing at Ninja Van Philippines,” said Vin Perez, Ninja Van Philippines Chief Operating Officer. “The cross belt sorter is ideal for a company like Ninja Van Philippines given our high throughput needs. This will increase the accuracy and efficiency of our sorting process so that we can fulfill more deliveries in the least amount of time.”


Ninja Van Philippines
Ninja Van Philippines automates hub with fully integrated measurement and sortation system. (From left to right) Ninja Van Philippines’ Country Head Martin Cu and Chief Operating Officer Vin Perez at the Cabuyao automated hub


With this operational innovation, shippers, and shoppers can look forward to a fast, reliable and hassle-free delivery experience as well as excellent customer service for logistic needs and parcel concern with Ninja Van Philippines.


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