MSI Modern 14 Laptop, made for the work from home and telecommuters

Times got tougher from March of 2020 where workers are forced out of the office and into their homes, the need for a stable and fast internet, a comfortable spot where to sit down and work. And of course, the most urgent of them all…..the laptop built for the work from home environment.

I thank MSI for the Modern 14 laptop for the unique design, it is definitely made for the WORK FRO HOME and telecommuters or otherwise known as road warriors, where you can easily pull out a laptop in a coffee shop, in your car and work from anywhere. Its compact design, super lightweight, and large view clear screen, makes it so easy to adopt from a work from home environment.

Since i have already upgraded my fiber internet with a full-mesh WiFi at home, any location is fit for me. The MSI Modern 14 laptop has a very good WiFi antenna that never bothers me to go anywhere of the condominium. Whether i am in the bedroom, living room, dining area or even out in the veranda, i am able to work. The nicest thing about it is the weight, it is almost negligible.

The 14-inch screen is almost end to end bezel allowing me to have a full screen view, bright and clear. Plus, the unique hinge of the laptop makes it slide back farther and tilts the laptop in a higher position than the usual laptop. It can go upto 180 degrees full bend, So in case you want to work standing up using a laptop riser or stand, this can easily be possible. It also llows you to have full comfort of your hands as it sits on the keyboard. They have also provided the vents on the LCD and bottom side which keeps the laptop cool at all times.

The keypad is backlit so there are no mistakes since you can easily see them in a low light situation or even at no light at all. That bright white LED lit keyboard is a big help.

The built-in battery allows me to work hours without using the power adaptor. The fast charging adaptor allows me to put the laptop in full battery charge in short time, during breaks or while i am taking a quick nap.


Let’s break it down to productivity

Since the pandemic, i have been out of corporate work so i am a full-time blogger. Days are filled with online meetings and i needed to get a perfect companion for my zoom and teams meetings and a lot of different UC apps to work like Lark, Go to Meetings, Google Meet and a lot more.

I had to install all of these apps in the laptop and needed to connect video-conferencing, the Jabra direct so iit can manage the devices like the Jabra Panacast and the Speak 710 which has perfectly worked with the MSI Modern 14 laptop without any issues. Likewise, i had to download lots of articles, videos, photos and needed to edit them will looking at other windows to complete my articles. Surprisingly, i have 30 tabs open in Google Chrome (which i downloaded ), everything works well  and i haven’t seen any flicker or delay in the performance of the MSI Modern 14 laptop.

I also noticed that the speakers are positioned at the bottom of the laptop and gives an audible and loud output, the sound is good compared to others that is treblish or high pitch missing the low noise. The sound blasting down to the table bounces back to you better than a speaker position in the front ,you hear a fuller, richer sound.


Let’s get technical

The MSI Modern 14 laptop is powered by the 11th Gen Intel Core processor. This model comes in 3 colors : Carbon grey, Beige mousse and bluestone. The carbon grey aluminum body with semi-matte finish really looks great for me!








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