Ms. Quezon City Diamond Jubilee Winners

Here are the winners of the recently concluded Ms. Quezon City Diamond Jubillee.

Ms. Talent award wen to Ms. Joanna Cielo Claravall (Candidate no. 17)


Ms. Congeniality was awarded to Ms. Kristina Nicole Biles (Candidate No.22)


Ms. Social Media award  – Fiona Margarita Aytona (Candidate No. 24)


Best in Swimwear – Renee Soraya Hassani (Canididate No. 16)

Ms. Photogenic – Ms. Gilma Gallero (Candidate No. 6)


Best in gown – Ms. Shecill Bagaporo (Candidate No. 9)

Ms. Social Service – Patrixia Sherly Santos (Candidate no. 14 )


Ms. Environmental Protection Ms. Renee Soraya Hassani (Candidate No. 16)

Ms. Business Friendly Ms. Roanna Ray Addie Jose (Candidate No. 20)


Ms. Quezon City Diamond Jubilee – Ms. Shecill Bagaporo (Candidate No. 9)


And here’s a short video clip from the pageant. The Question and Answer portion of the top 12 candidates.

Congratulations to all winners with special mentions to all designers from Quezon City. I can’t believe that those gowns were locally designed, I thought I was watching an international show. I salute all local designers specially those who presented their design in this competition.

We have the set of photos here:
1. Long gown set
2. Swimwear set
3. Production number set

Photo credit: Raffy Pedrajita. Photos can’t be used without permission from the photographer. A little credit will make him happy. 🙂

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