Mobile App Developers’ Day #atthack #hackathon winners

mobile app developers day 2014

The creators of an app called “TollPass” won the US$6,000 grand prize at 2014 Philippines Mobile App Developers’ Day on Sunday night. The winning app, TollPass, offers a solution for smarter road tolls in order to reduce traffic jams and delays.

-Marianne Angelie V. Del Mundo
-Diwa del Mundo
-Dan del Mundo

Organizers Jake Jennings, Executive Director of International External and Regulatory Affairs of AT&T, A SPACE Manila, Golden Gate Ventures and Philippine Software Industry Association presented the award on Sunday.

The event took place on Dec. 6-7 and drew more than 60 contestants from the Philippines to compete under the theme of “Smart City and Community Involvement.” They split into 11 teams.

Second place and $2,000 went to the creator of an app called “E-Jeep Tracker,” which tells a passenger how far away an e-jeep, or electric jeepney, is from where he or she is waiting, and therefore how long the wait will be. E-jeeps are a popular form of the public transport in Manila that use specific routes rather like buses.

E-Jeep Tracker
-John Louis A. Perez

Third place and $1,000 went to a team that created an app called “What Are You Craving For?” This app eliminates queuing in lines by identifying restaurants with shorter wait-times for when ordering for takeaway.

What are you craving for?
-Jee Alison Gloria
-Glenn Espejo
-Mark Sancho
-Syd Evangelista

All the winning team members also won a six-month mentorship by Golden Gate Ventures.

AT&T, A SPACE Manila, Philippine Software Industry Association and Golden Gate Ventures co-hosted the event at A SPACE facilities in Manila. Participants received access to tools, knowledge and mentor support to build powerful apps within a very tight time-frame.

The #atthack #hackathon was an enduring 24-hour event that started 2 p.m. of Saturday and ended 2 p.m. of Sunday December 6-7, 2014. This was a no-sleep weekend for all the participants of the event.

Here’s a short interview with the Alex Donn, #evangelist #hacker #geek behind the ears.


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