McJim’s Dreams Get Real awards triple tie

Local brand McJim who has been in the industry for forty years has spearheaded Dreams Get Real, a competition for the next local OPM artists.

The finals happened last night at the Treatrino Promenade. Top 6 finalists performed in front of their fans, followers, media and bloggers.


The local OMP dreamers.

Fifth Dynamics. Composed of Mark Cordovales (vocals), John Peterson Leyva (rhythm guitar), Eljon Nono (lead guitar), Daryl Jay Santos (bass guitar) and Aldrin Condat (drums), Fifth Dynamics performs “Anyare” a self-composed piece written by Cordovales and Angelo Katindig with the help of Cahilig. Powered by Cordovales’ strong vocals, the song features the strains of an evocative rock ballad as it explores the emotions connected with the end of a relationship.

JBK. With members Joshua Bulot, Bryan del Rosario and Kim Ordonio JBK, on the other hand, sings “Anong Meron Ka,” composed by Tesorio who is behind the hits “Hayop sa Ganda” and “Ikaw at Ako.” Introduced with an ear-catching acoustic riff, the song gets the listener into a happy mood as it narrates the qualities of someone special.

A solo performer, Domingo performs “Pagbigyan Mo Na,” also composed by Tesorio. The song, an easy and fast-paced pop ditty, encapsulates the energy and youthfulness of Tesorio as he asks a lady he is courting to say “yes.”

Composed of Alvin Traqueña (rhythm guitar), Ar John Patalay (lead guitar), Nikko Martin Francisco (bass guitar), Tricia May Casauay (vocals) and Zejemiah Gonzaga (drums) Archetype sings “Di Na Biro,” which is the group’s own composition. Sung by Casauay, the only female vocalist in the Top 6, the song is strong on feminine melody and sentiment while at the same packing a punch in emotional intensity as the singer retraces how friendship progresses to romantic love.

CK Arka. Solo performer CK Arca, on the other hand, performs “Certified Good Vibes,” composed by Raffy Calicdan, a PhilPop finalist and a member of The X-Factor finalist called Take Off. Feel-good, upbeat and commanding, the song features a celebration of the Filipino identity amid a lush melody.

Dream of Pearl. Last but not the least is Dream of Pearl which sings “Panalo,” composed by Oli Agustin of the band Letter Day Story. The band Alfonso Abrenzosa (vocals), Mark Jayson Dizon (guitar), Von Christian Vizmanos (bass) and Evan Briones (drums). A rock ballad, the song captures the longing and happiness of someone pining for a loved one in lyrics that leaves behind a memorable imprint.


And like Chris Cahilig post on his Facebook wall, it was a three-way tie. McJim Dreamers JBK, Fifth Dynamics and Neo Domingo were all declared winners of the “Dreams Get Real: The Search For The Next OPM Star.” 

The songs of the dreamers are now on the airwaves, DJ’s are putting playing them in radio stations across the country and being used in TV shows such as iJuander (GMA News TV), Maynila (GMA 7) and Letters and Music (Net 25). In addition to the compilation album, the Top 3 will also release their debut music videos.

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