Let your kids experience these fun, quirky activities

LUSH Candies strawberry and chocolate flavors

Parents have different ways to make days more enjoyable for their kids. Once they’re done with their classes and homework, their little ones are usually free to take a break and do fun activities.


There are a number of quirky and creative activities that kids can do at home with their parents or siblings. They can share a pack of Lush candies as a treat while playing or creating something amazing. Here are some exciting and creative after-school activities you can try with your kids:


LUSH Candies strawberry and chocolate flavors
Let your kids experience these fun, quirky activities and reward them with LUSH Candies strawberry and chocolate flavors


Design colorful bracelets

Encourage your kids’ creativity by making beaded bracelets (or other fashion accessories they like). All you need is a set of colorful beads and strings, so you and your kids can craft personalized bracelets.


Do energetic TikTok dances

There are various TikTok dances that are currently popular. If your kids want to film a playful TikTok video, you can join in and even practice steps with them.


Make slime from scratch 

Slime is essentially a squishy toy that you can make at home using store-bought kits, or by using materials at home while following a video tutorial online. The result is a soft toy with a stretchy consistency that’s satisfying to the touch, and comes in various colors.


Build a soft pillow fort

Pillow forts are a great way to give your kids creative freedom and teach them the value of teamwork. These soft forts can become a place to play with parents and siblings, or rest after a hectic day at school. 


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