Kata box should be the next household brand

Technology comes so fast that it is hard to catch up, as it is a very expensive trend to do. To start with, that black and white box with picture tube that was launched in the 70s, during its start of production where every household was allowed only one, now, the TV is pervasive. You don’t see them in homes but also at work, in the malls, at the corner of that appliance store, and in to every sala and entertainment room.

TV now revolutionized as a Smart TV, an all in one entertainment display, is quite an expensive way to be in every home…Kata Box breaks that boundary!


Smartphone trailblazer Kata extends their remarkable technology into our homes with the new Kata Box
Smartphone trailblazer Kata extends their remarkable technology into our homes with the new Kata Box

Kata Box is the inexpensive way to turn your not so Smart TV to a smarter TV

Kata Box is your mini PC-powered where you bring more entertainment to life. Entertainment such as Youtube, where you can connect easily with your google account, view your favorite videos with your TV. Music, download music online, save them on your Kata Box and hear them anytime. Games, more games and many more games. Your Kata Box is all android that gives you access to everything that is free.

Mega VPN

Kata Box just unlocked your addiction to watching shows not available incountry. Mega VPN jumps those walls and serves your needs to watch from other parts of the Globe.

Expand your horizons

There are 2 USB ports, and a micro SD slot for your added memory. The USB ports are for your Kata Box controller and the other for your Keyboard and mouse that you will need to use to type to the browser. Items sold separately. You can also use the USB port for your dongle usb stick from globe, smart or sun. You can also plug a USB camera should you wish to use your Kata Box for Skype.

There also an RJ-45 port that you can use to plug into your network. There are 2 output ports for your audio and video, 1 HDMI and micro 2.5mm jack.

One thing more, there are no monthly fees that binds you with the Kata Box. It’s just a one-time upfront payment for the device. There is a 60-day trial license for the mega vpn and you can subscribe if you wish to get updated with US Channels and more.
What sets this Kata Box apart, is it’s unique design. Small, compact, just the right power for you to carry just anywhere in your travel, sleep over with friends!

It’s an easy way to bring family together and enjoy watching together, playing games, listening to music and anything android.

So if you are looking for that gift to give to your dad and mom, brothers and sisters, i think this is the big gift that you can gift in a small package.

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