JBL Tune 130NC TWS, JBL Tune 230NC TWS and JBL Endurance Race now out in the market

JBL‘s latest TWS the JBL Tune 130NC and 230NC features active noise-canceling while the JBL Endurance Race is a waterproof in-ear sport headphone featuring Signature JBL Pure Bass sound and an IP67 Waterproof design. The noise cancelling feature together with the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) are the latest product innovation of the JBL in the entry level earbuds 130 and 230 series from the previous 125 and 225 series. The JBL Endurance Race is made for the athletes and sport enthusiasts who needs to stay connected and protected with their JBL devices all the time.


JBL Tune series
JBL Tune 130NC, JBL Tune 230NC and JBL Endurance Race now out in the market


In a quick glance, the JBL Tune 130 and 230 have the same look with the charging dock and has the same uptime. The only difference is that the 130 series has a pendant look without the protruding stick just like the 230 does.


Given the choice, which one will you prefer? On a short survey, women would rather use the 130 series look since when worn in the ear, it can be covered by the hair and will be concealed. While the 230 series has a protruding stick which is my preference. The stick for me seems to be better since the boom or extended mic has better coverage near the ear where i can actually cover with a hand or a mask would seem to have better reception.


But each one has their own preference so anything goes since both models have the added special feature the NC or noise cancelling feature.



JBL Tune 230NC
The JBL Tune 230NC earbuds is packed with JBL pure bass sound, -new features. The 5.8mm driver provides impressive sound through a seamless, wireless experience, making it ideal for mobile use. With its four microphones you can have crystal-clear calls anytime. The Tune 230NC earbuds retain its cool, elegant stick shape design of their predecessor, but their silicone tips provide a more secure fit and enhanced bass performance.


With a total playtime of 40 hours, you will never be without music, and the quick charge feature will offer you an hour of listening time after only 10 minutes of charging. The new JBL Tune 230NC are the ideal earbuds for music enthusiasts who live with music by their side thanks to its superior JBL sound, long battery life, and fast charge.


JBL Tune 130NC
With huge 10mm drivers, the new JBL Tune 130NC delivers pure JBL bass sound for hours. These earbuds are ideal for mobile listening, as they include active noise reduction and a combined playtime of 40 hours. Four microphones ensure that your voice is perfectly clear during calls, whether you’re conducting business or catching up with friends. The JBL Tune 130NC has a punch of elegance and quality,


JBL Endurance Race
JBL’s latest Endurance series the JBL Endurance Race is an ideal TWS for thrill-seekers and gym-goers. JBL Endurance RACE expands the wireless Endurance series with the same durability and comfort as RUN, SPRINT, JUMP, DIVE, and PEAK. The Endurance RACE’s wire-free design makes it suitable for climbing a mountain, wandering the neighborhood, or riding to work.


JBL’s Pure Bass Performance audio helps athletes go through any physical hurdle. RACE’s Ambient Aware technology allows adventurers and gymgoers to stay alert without taking off their headphones.


Its charging case delivers 20 hours of backup power, allowing for long wireless audio sessions. In addition to 10 hours of continuous playback duration, the Fast Charge feature gives one hour of power in 10 minutes. The earbuds 3 adjustable ear-tip sizes offer a secure, comfortable fit for any ear.


The JBL Endurance Race is rated IP67 which means its waterproof material can withstand all weather, sweat, and even a good wash after the toughest workouts.


JBL Endurance Race
JBL Tune 130NC TWS, JBL Tune 230NC TWS and JBL Endurance Race now out in the market


Pricing and Availability
Both the JBL Tune 230NC and JBL Tune 130NC is priced at ₱5,999, while the JBL Endurance Race comes with ₱4,999 price tag. It’s now available on JBL concept stores, official dealers, and online stores nationwide.


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