Infinix tops charts with Largest Year on Year increase sales vs Global Brands

Infinix gets Marketing Excellence and TikTok for Business Overseas Marketing Awards

 Infinix, a trendy tech brand crafted for young consumers, is thrilled to announce its exceptional performance in 2023. According to IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, Infinix has achieved a remarkable milestone in year-on-year increase in units in smartphone shipments, surpassing all other global smartphone brands with an astounding accomplishment of over 13 million units increase. This translates to an impressive growth rate of 64.1% compared to 2022.


Tony Zhao, General Manager of Infinix, proudly attributes the company’s achievements to a multifaceted marketing approach, technological innovation, and strategic collaborations with key industry players, such as TikTok. By utilizing the platform, Infinix successfully connects with its target users, empowering them to exceed their limitations and unlock their full potential. 


infinix tops year on year sales vs other brands
Infinix tops charts with Largest Year on Year increase sales vs Global Brands


“Infinix focuses on catering to youth preferences, providing tailored-made technological innovations, and recognizing the pivotal role of strategic partnerships. By leveraging TikTok as a creative platform, Infinix effectively reaches our target users, enabling them to conquer their limits and become the best versions of themselves.” Tony Zhao. 


Infinix receives TikTok for Business Overseas Marketing Award

Infinix’s marketing prowess recently earned them TikTok for Business’s Overseas Marketing Award for being the “Innovator”, recognizing their standout efforts in the international markets. This prestigious award celebrates companies making waves globally, inspiring others with innovative marketing practices. Infinix’s success stems from its strategic approach, utilizing TikTok’s platform to its fullest. By embracing various gameplay options and collaborating with influencers, Infinix has effectively grown its brand from awareness to tangible results, showcasing the power of creative marketing.


infinix tops year on year sales vs other brands and receives award from TikTok for Business
infinix tops year on year sales vs other brands and receives award from TikTok for Business


Since its inception in 2013, Infinix has established a strong presence in overseas markets. The brand’s engagement with users through compelling content and its sales success on e-commerce platforms highlight a symbiotic relationship. Campaigns like Infinix Super Brand Day and the “Capture Your Own Story” Vlog Contest have been key successes, further cementing Infinix’s position as an innovative leader in the tech industry.


Game-Changing Innovations Unveiled at CES & MWC 2024

Infinix continued to make waves in the industry with its game-changing innovations showcased at CES and MWC. At CES, Infinix amazed the audience with the introduction of Infinix AirCharge, a revolutionary wireless charging technology that eliminates the need for cords or charging pads. This breakthrough innovation provides a hassle-free way to power up the devices. Additionally, Infinix unveiled the Extreme-Temp Battery, addressing the challenges of extreme temperatures to ensure smooth device performance in any environment. Infinix also introduced Infinix E-Color Shift, the industry’s first customizable display panel for smartphone appearances. At MWC, Infinix turned heads with their flagship mobile gaming concept, promising a new era of mobile gaming with top-notch performance and graphics. As 2024 unfolds, Infinix is poised to lead the way with more groundbreaking innovations, setting the stage for an exciting future.

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