How to make your Filipino pride stronger today with inspiring, educational YouTube content

Filipinos are slowly and steadily taking over the world—we’re making our mark everywhere we are, which is why it’s never a bad time to strengthen your Filipino pride.

And there’s always something from home to be proud about. You can find a lot of things to stoke that love for the Philippines on the wealth of endless homegrown content on YouTube. Whether it’s short clips, music, or long-form content, YouTube offers insightful and entertaining videos that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.


How to make your Filipino pride stronger today with inspiring, educational YouTube content


Here are a few:

  • Learn Philippine history in minutes with Mighty Magulang: Known for her “history geekery,” Mighty Magulang uploads snackable YouTube videos and Shorts that talk about Philippine history. For example, she did an easily watchable two-minute video on the recently celebrated Araw ng Kagitingan, where she gives a rundown of its history and the importance of observing this national holiday. There’s more where that came from—she also uses her platform to educate viewers on
  • Get local updates on The Howie Severino Podcast: In this podcast, veteran journalist Howie Severino interviews some of the most influential people in the Philippines on topics ranging from human interest stories to political issues that matter. The Howie Severino Podcast is an insightful listen if you want to get the latest news available on YouTube Music in audio and video.
  • The power of “Kapangyarihan” by Ben&Ben ft. SB19: “Kapangyarihan” was released shortly after police officer Jonel Nuezca killed Sonya Gregorio and her son Frank Gregorio in 2020. Ben&Ben’s Miguel Guico and Paolo Guico wrote the song, which has touches of pop and hip-hop with the help of SB19, to call for justice. The official performance video has over a million views on YouTube, which shows just how powerful the message is to Filipinos.
  • Feel empowered by SB19’s “What?”: SB19’s “What?” is an empowering anthem about self-love. The group wanted to inspire listeners, both young and old, to raise their own flag and be proud of where they came from to achieve success. You can jam out to “What?” on YouTube Music, and dive into the process of recording the single and filming the music video on “SB19 What?: The Making Film Docuseries.”

  • Jonas Tayaban gives you interesting Philippine trivia: From popular beaches to Philippine mythology, creator Jonas Tayaban shares various trivia and useful insights on current events on YouTube Shorts. Jonas’ quick takes make it easy for students and their parents to digest, especially when he’s covering current events, like the resort built in the middle of the Chocolate Hills.


Check out YouTube to browse and find more insightful video content from inspiring Filipino artists and creators.


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