Growing and Making Things Happen, the Airspeed Way

The value of logistics has become more evident because of the COVID-19 crisis. The advent of the pandemic and the ensuing government quarantine restrictions highlighted the significance of logistics because these compelled many Filipinos and businesses to depend on logistics service providers as their means to obtain goods safely.


Hiring the right logistics partner has become more critical.  Individuals and organizations realize now more than ever, the importance of logistics and that choosing a logistics company to partner with should not be a task taken lightly. 


Airspeed, one of the leading logistics service providers in the country, shows their capacity and capability as a Company, backed up by their strength and achievements. Since its establishment in 1985, Airspeed has grown steadily to become one of the leading integrated end to end logistics service providers in the country. To be an established and thriving participant, a highly competitive 35 years indicates Airspeed’s corporate stability and durability.


Growing and Making Things Happen, the Airspeed Way


At present, various facilities are strategically located throughout the country dedicated to provide Airspeed clients with the highest quality of logistics services and innovative end to end solutions. The Airspeed head office and sorting facility is located in Paranaque while there are 11 hubs located in Manila, Cavite, Clark, Cebu, Davao and Cagayan de Oro.  


Airspeed serves the entire Philippines and operates (in partnership with agents) in more than 97 countries around the world. Providing reliable, efficient and high-quality logistics services for the domestic and global Airspeed client is the mission of almost a thousand highly skilled personnel directly employed by Airspeed. Each of these employees possess diverse logistics expertise such as providing the 


type of logistics support that corporate clients need to build and grow their businesses, or ensuring that personal packages of customers are delivered safely, securely, and swiftly. To make sure that Airspeed employees have the capability to transport and deliver cargo efficiently, Airspeed has existing number of fleets of over 300 dedicated transportation units. To serve clients better, they have invested almost a hundred million pesos in 2020 for operational infrastructure and technical advancements. The significant amount of investment they poured into their operations and their goal of achieving sales of more than one billion this 2020 also reveals the level of the company’s commitment to its mission. 


Airspeed’s logistics services are classified into five different services:  (1) Freight Solutions Management – freight transportation via air, sea, or land that is carried out with a focus on safety, security and speed; (2) Warehousing and Distribution, which makes use of the most advanced facilities and technologies in order to make sure that packages are stored and handled as efficiently as possible;  (3) Customs Clearance – which expertly handles the clearance processing requirements; (4) Customized Logistics where they tailor- fit services based on the logistics needs of clients; and (5) Dedicated Demand — a new service created because of the COVID-19 crisis empowering businesses to reach more consumers easier and faster. Under this is the newly-launched SpeedFood for food businesses, SpeedGoods for non-food and retailers, and SpeedGrocer for grocery and essentials.


These top-notch services embody Airspeed’s commitment to its mission. In order to develop and grow into the company it is today, Airspeed had to embrace modern digital technology, foster innovation and quickly adapt to a rapidly evolving global market. To do this, Airspeed enthusiastically sought the assistance of companies that could help improve any aspect of its operations and formed mutually beneficial partnerships with them.

A lot of individual customers and businesses consider cost as the most important factor in choosing a logistics service provider.  Airspeed’s advice for bargain hunters in the logistics realm is “You get what you pay for.” The rates of Airspeed’s logistics services are reasonable and highly competitive but more importantly, they accurately reflect Airspeed’s brand of service and dedication.  Airspeed’s rates convey its own mantra of “We make it happen.”


In the logistics industry, a company’s numbers are considered vital as they represent its history, status, capacity, and growth. Airspeed believes that with the increasing strength demonstrated throughout the years coupled with their drive to make things happen, they will be able to stay and serve their clients and customers for a very long time.


Eli has 28 years of extensive IT sales expertise in Data, voice and network security and integrating them is his masterpiece. Photography and writing is his passion. Growing up as a kid, his father taught him to use the steel bodied Pentax and Hanimex 135mm film and single-direction flash, Polaroid cameras, and before going digital, he used mini DV tape with his Canon videocam. He now shoots with his Canon EOS 30D. Photography and blogging is a powerful mixture for him.
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