Globe Telecom Gen4 stores reopens in Glorietta 3 Makati

New era of phygital retail keeping in mind Customer Experience on top of it all

Globe Telecom Gen4 store reopens in Glorietta 3 Makati as the new era of phygital retail. Globe Telecom brings a new era to its customers as they unveiled today their next-generation store in Glorietta 3, Makati City, that sets a new Gold standard in omni-channel retail with a sustainable design, keeping in mind Customer Experience on top of it all using the latest available technology.


Globe Telecom retail store in Glorietta
Globe Telecom Gen4 stores reopens in Glorietta 3 Makati


The new Gen4 store is the first of many to come, that reflects revolutionizing the phygital experience, seamlessly merging the best of both the offline and online worlds. Getting in the store can be done via an online appointment or walk-in, where Globe customers can experience product demonstrations of various brand partners for new and upgrading clients with their Globe plans. 


There is a community engagement space, a self-service zone, and a transaction hub. Payment can be done using GCash and purchasing a new smartphone made easier. Clients may opt to buying additional or replacing old sim cards through an automated teller machine.


The Service Hub and the Social Learning Platform are two of the latest standout features that one can experience in the Gen4 store.  The Service Hub is tailored to meet the diverse needs of customers, offering a range of servicing methods to ensure every individual finds their perfect solution. Meanwhile, the Social Learning Platform is a space for customers to delve into and expand their digital knowledge, underscoring Globe Telecom’s dedication to digital education and empowerment.


The store also keeps customer convenience on top of mind, getting rid of the usual service counters and instead creating a less intimidating space for store staff and customers to interact. There’s ample seating and waiting areas, too, in the store, where booths are configured to flow. 


One key store feature is a large multi-user screen where customers may enjoy interactive games themed after interests that Globe Telecom supports, such as gaming and K-culture.


“The new Globe Store is not just a retail space.  It is a catalyst for creating memorable customer experiences. We’ve designed this store to captivate, empower, and connect our customers and offer them services that truly enrich their lives,” said Cleo Santos, Head of Channel Management Group.


Mic Coson, Head of Retail Design and Portfolio Growth, added, “Our new design is a game-changer. We’ve seamlessly integrated the online and offline experience as we want to ensure minimal wait times, experiential retail, and personalized services. Every touchpoint, from product discovery to post-visit engagement, has been crafted with our customers in mind.”


The new Globe retail experience was developed together with Landor & Fitch, the largest branding and design specialist group and part of the WPP group.


Jonathan Cummings, APAC President of Landor & Fitch said: “As the leading telecommunications company in the Philippines, Globe recognized their role in driving the nation’s digital advancement. We were thrilled to take on the challenge of taking the brand forward to meet this purpose by revolutionizing the role of retail. Drawing upon the collective expertise of our global network of experts across retail and telco as well as from other sectors, we set out to create a new generation of human-centric stores that re-imagine the brand experience – empowering Globe’s customers through an immersive digital ecosystem, seamlessly blending education and entertainment.” 


Under the guidance of Executive Creative Director of Experience, Apolline Picot, the design and experience concept was centered around a captivating theme – “Turning Point” – where every twist and turn within the store serves as an opportunity to inspire and enlighten customers with new discoveries. 


At these immersive retail stores, the convergence of digital and physical realms offers a gateway to a whole new world of possibilities. From experiencing cutting-edge device discovery platforms to educational digital literacy programs and hands-on learning workshops, every individual is welcome to explore and embark on an enlightening journey of knowledge and innovation within Globe’s new immersive retail spaces.


Customers will have options on how to avail of Globe Telecom services, from face-to-face interactions at service counters manned by retail specialists to self-service via vending machines and the Care Wall, which provides the unique #AlagangGlobe brand of customer service. 


The store also uses very limited printed material, in line with Globe’s commitment to sustainability. Particularly, it features all-digital brand advertising through screens around the store, while tablets have replaced paper info cards. This shift not only contributes to saving paper and other resources but also helps in reducing waste. Additionally, the store uses one hundred percent LED lighting for energy efficiency.


With the launch of the Globe next-generation store in Glorietta, Globe reaffirms its commitment to delivering unparalleled customer experiences, blending human-centric innovation with the power of technology.


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