Globe Telecom Customer Support now with outbound calls

It’s the customer who usually calls when assistance is needed, but Globe Telecom is transforming the way it serves its customers by being the one to call when they have concerns that would need help from a customer service agent.

Globe Telecom has accelerated its shift to digital platforms to continue to support the needs of customers in the new normal. It has developed GlobeOne, Globe At Home, and TM apps to help customers save time and effort by providing answers to their most frequently asked questions without the need to call the hotline or visit a Globe Store. Digital assistants are also available on Facebook Messenger to respond to basic inquiries.


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However, some concerns such as bill explanation, connection issues, and SIM delivery requests would require person-to-person engagement. In this case, customers only have to report their concern via the GlobeOne or Globe At Home apps, or the hotline’s interactive menu, and a Globe representative will call them personally.

Globe Telecom customer service agents fulfill an average of 4,000 calls to consumer mobile and broadband customers per day. They do their best to handle each concern end-to-end and ensure resolution so that customers will not have to go to different channels and repeatedly explain themselves.

“We understand that fast and reliable service matters to our customers especially at a time when they heavily depend on our services. We want to assure them that our frontline support continues in the form of outbound calls which make it more convenient for them to get the assistance they need. They don’t have to wait in the hotline or store; we will be the one to call them,” said Rebecca Eclipse, Globe Chief Customer Experience Officer.

In an internal Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey conducted, customers expressed their satisfaction towards the outbound calls being done by Globe Telecom. “I raised a concern through the GlobeOne app. Within an hour, a customer service representative called to attend to my concern. I appreciate this service of Globe Telecom calling clients rather than having them call and wait for long,” a customer shared.

Globe Telecom frontliners also gave positive feedback on outbound calling as it enables them to be more prepared and confident when interacting with customers. “Now we have time to check their account and know the details of the concern before calling them. We are able to handle customers better and they are actually satisfied,” a frontliner shared in a “kumustahan” session.

Serving customers’ needs remains to be a top priority of Globe Telecom. The company consistently delivers solutions that make it more convenient and safer for customers to raise their inquiries and concerns especially during the pandemic when the demand for connectivity has increased.

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