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find my phone


Now, Android smartphone users can easily locate their phone by simply typing “Find my Phone” in the Google Chrome browser search tab. This is the power of Android Device Manager.

You reach for your phone only to find its not there. It’s also not on the desk, in your coat, or anywhere in your immediate vicinity. You don’t remember where you put it — at all. We’ve all been there, but thankfully there’s a number of “find my phone” type solutions that make locating your phone a breeze, including Android Device Manager.

Of course, getting into Device Manager requires a few steps, such as typing in the address (or selecting it from your bookmark menu, etc). What if you could simply type in “find my phone” into Google search and ADM would then do its magic? Now you can!

Then, the browser will ask you to login your google account name and password. I hope you have not forgotten your username and password since this will be needed in order for google to allow you access in locating your phone.



Next, you would need to verify which phone you will be searching. Like for me, i have several registered devices. Just choose on the drag and click button on the upper portion. Then, let the Android Device Manager find your phone.

What you need to do to avail of this service

First, you have to set some settings into place.
#1 Your location service must be on
#2 Go to your Google settings
#3 Go to Security
#4 Remember your security code. From time to time, Google might be asking for this.
#5 Turn on “remotely locate this device”
#6 Turn on “allow remote locate and access”

Typing find my phone will bring up a card in search that will locate your phone and give you the choice of ringing it. You’ll still need to have Android Device Manager location services set up on your phone in order for this method to work, but it is certainly a quicker way to locate your phone using your computer.



Results may vary based on location and last online. Based on my personal test like on my end, it’s having a hard time locating and indicates last use was yesterday. I guess the device needs to be connected to a wifi service or a data plan in order for you to use this type of service. Though my device is connected to my home network, it says “location unavailable.”

On my 3rd attempt, i was able to locate my phone’s location. It says “accurate within 45 meters”, it did show a google map with a circle of my location. Just make sure to follow step-by-step procedure in order to make it work accurately and properly.

Now, you have an option to “RING” the phone, “LOCK” and “ERASE” once you get connected.

Reference : Android Authority



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