Ekotek launches new lineup of Ekopack SlimBoost powerbanks

Ekotek Ekopak Slimboost

Are you always DATA ON and heavy on calls and text? You need not worry as you can power up stylishly now with Ekotek’s Ekopack SlimBoost!

Available in 3 variants, in 4000mah and 6000mah, they both come in colorful designs. They 4000mah SlimBoost comes in black, white, blue and red, while the 6000mah comes in black, white, lime and orange.

The Ekopack SlimBoost was made for the road warriors, those young urban professionals or what we call yuppies. Telcos and smartphones drive us to use the latest trend in technology, 4G, and use those apps like viber, veems, facebook, twitter, instagram and so many more. Thus, this leads us to need more power than your phone can handle.

So, the chance of not being connected and powered can be a nightmare. Don’t fear since ekopack slim is here. Ecopack slim is no bigger than your phone and fits good in your pocket or in your bag. One thing more, it has 2 usb ports.

So if you use a small phone with 2000mah battery or less, i would recommend the ecopack slim 4000mah. But if you have a big phone with 2500mah battery or higher, the 6000mah works well with you. The ecopack slim will give you 2 full charges. That’s more than enough to last the whole day.

The ecopack slim 4000mah is offered at a price of P899 and the 6000mah at P1,099 only.

So what are you waiting for, head for the latest Ekotek store!

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