#DoItDifferent: 5 musical.ly tips from the Caleon Twins

Globe and musical.ly partnered up to bring The Caleon Twins to Manila for a one-of-a-kind experience as they got to meet their fans. With a packed yet exciting schedule, they went from meet & greets to school tours, sharing their tips to enjoy the musical.ly app.

Madeleine and Samantha Caleon have been in the musical.ly scene for more than a year, with 1.83 million followers. They also have their own YouTube channel for song covers and challenges, while also maintaining a blog. What sparked their love for musical.ly is the freedom it gives them to express their creativity. On the app, they can sing, dance, act, or do comedy!

“Globe encourages its users to do things differently through our many content partners, and one of the social media channels where they can fully bloom is through the musical.ly app,” shares Issa Cabreira, SVP for Consumer Mobile Businesses.

“It’s definitely an avenue to explore your creative side, and it’s super easy to create short videos. That is why we love musical.ly,” says Madeleine on musical.ly.

Samantha also adds that, “People in the musical.ly community are very accepting and everyone supports one another. That said, it’s easy to make new friends. Even though we don’t get to meet in person, it feels like we’ve known each other for a long time already!”

Sparking their musical.ly fame is their cover for a song from the movie Suicide Squad, Sucker for Pain. It got over a million likes, by far their highest liked video. Along with that, they have favorites such as their cover of Closer by Chainsmokers, and Reflection by Christina Aguilera.

For musers and soon to be musers, here are 5 tips and tricks to create one of a kind musical.ly videos!

Good lighting is key.

For Madeleine, “it helps to have really good lighting, if you don’t have studio lights, you can just stand in front of a window or stand outside to get ample lighting for your musical.ly video.”

Practice your musical.ly before filming it.

Samantha adds, “if you’re recording this for the first time and you’re not sure of your hand gestures, it might be hard to improvise on the spot. So you have to practice first before filming, both your hand gestures and facial impressions.”

Use trending hashtags!

The Caleon twins also put in a useful tip on the use of hashtags: “musical.ly tends to feature videos under trending hashtags or under different campaigns, people look for trending topics and when they click the hashtag, your video will pop up there. It’s good to ride onto trending hashtags so more people can see your creation.”

Get involved in the musical.ly community.

On building your musical.ly network, Samantha says, make new friends by commenting and liking posts of other people. It’s a great way of meeting new people and building your network.”

“You can also do duets with fellow musers and do a collaboration of some sort. Not only do you get your profile out there, but you’re also building your musical.ly network,” adds Madeleine.

Be consistent!

“It’s very important to keep posting your musical.ly videos since your followers want to see more everyday. They actually wait for updates so if you don’t update it regularly, they might start to lose interest,” shares Madeleine.

Since the trending topics change weekly, musers will never run out of something to post.

Madeleine and Samantha continue to improve on their craft, and they are learning to dance better to create more fun and inspiring musical.ly videos for their followers to watch.

“Don’t be afraid to do something out of your comfort zone. We were very camera shy, so it was a big step for us. Don’t give up because eventually you will gain more confidence. musical.ly really helped us step out of our shell and gain more confidence in what we do,” shares Samantha.

Get started and do things differently with Globe Prepaid’s musical.ly offers. Text MU5 to get 20MB valid for 2 days, or MU15 to get 100 MB valid for a day to 8080, or get musical.ly for free with GoSurf50!


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