DECC makes stylish designed vehicles for personal or business use

DECC (Developer of Electric Conveyances Corporation), started March of 2017, specializes in importation, assembly and sales of Electric Vehicle of different variants. Our dynamic team of experts is a fusion of innovative and knowledgeable minds, excellent communicators, technical, creative, and results driven individuals. We have developed the newest innovation in electric vehicle where the environment, as well as all the Filipinos will benefit. We used advanced equipment to  produce the best product and deliver the highest quality of service. Our crafted solution to a better, economical and safe ride to all the Filipinos.


It is DECC’s utmost privilege to provide you with excellent products and services that are globally competitive and which are in line with the latest technology and innovation.


DECC makes stylish designed vehicles for personal or business use


Several LGUs have starting supporting the use of Electric Vehicles in their area of responsibility. Taguig, Pasay, Pasig, to name a few. If you go around the Mall of Asia, short transfer rides are composed of mini jeepneys and EV trikes.


Also in some nearby barangays, you will be able to see these 3-wheeled battery powered vehicles.


From point of sale, DECC (Developer of Electric Conveyances Corporation) also provides preventive maintenance and also spare parts.


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