Converge ICT Solutions Inc. makes it big for micro-businesses with HomeBase Plans

Converge believes that big dreams always start for small ideas

Leading fiber internet service provider Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. launches its newest plan, HomeBase
that provides business-level connectivity for home-based businesses. Inspired by the boom of micro-businesses, Converge believes that big businesses start from a small seed of an idea, and with the right kind of support and the right kind of connectivity, this idea can grow big and become unstoppable.


Converge ICT Solutions Inc
Converge ICT Solutions Inc. makes it big for micro-businesses with HomeBase Plans


The past two years saw a significant increase in home-based businesses in the Philippines, estimated at around 987,000 . From fashion to food, and drop shipping to freelancing, many Filipinos all over the country seized the opportunity to start their own business. This new slew of entrepreneurs mostly started operating online in the safety of their homes, using the internet to ideate, source their goods, and market their new ventures. Converge wants to support that rapid growth with fast, reliable pure fiber internet.


Converge ICT Solutions Inc.
Converge ICT Solutions Inc. makes it big for micro-businesses with HomeBase Plans


Converge HomeBase offers two plans: Plan 1,899 with speeds up to 150Mbps, and Plan 1,500 with speeds up to 100Mbps. These are the ideal speeds to cover the business’ operational needs from uploading and downloading large files, livestreaming and live selling, and clear and stable video meetings. Not only that, those who avail of HomeBase can also get relevant add-ons, such as the FiberXShare and Velop router add-ons for a wider and maximized connectivity in their houses, or the IP-based FiberScope IP CCTV service for added home security. Subscribers can also expect support through exclusive webinars to help them grow their business, as well as access to a growing community of home-based entrepreneurs for idea-sharing and networking, helping them link up with their customers and suppliers.

“Converge knows what it’s like to start small and dream big,” Converge Chief Operating Officer Jesus C. Romero shares. “That’s why we want to extend a hand to these micro businesses, to help them launch their dreams and grow them. We want to encourage these home-based businesses to dream even bigger. With HomeBase, we can provide them not just with their connectivity solutions, but also the tools that they need to chase after their dreams and make their business bigger.”

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