Converge ICT beats other providers in Netflix’s ISP Speed Index

The monthly index by Netflix showcases the best internet provider for streaming

Popular streaming service,  Netflix, has long taken the Philippines by storm. With content ranging from animated movies perfect for kids and kids-at-heart, works from talented local filmmakers, to feel-good K-dramas, more and more Filipino subscribers are hooked to Netflix.


As an online streaming service, availing a Netflix subscription and enjoying the millions of hours of its content, uninterrupted and in the highest possible quality, require a stable internet connection for subscribers to fully enjoy their viewing experience.


Converge and Netflix
Converge is the overall leader based on Netflix report


Netflix’s ISP Speed Index is designed to measure which ISPs provide the best prime time Netflix streaming experience.


Great quality streaming is synonymous with Netflix, the online streaming service has come up with its own index to reveal which ISP performs the best and can most likely let a subscriber best enjoy their time on Netflix. Read more about the Netflix ISP Speed Index here.


Why is this important? Because Netflix’s stories are best delivered on a strong internet network,  which is not only about speed but also about latency, jitter and packet loss. Absent this, video viewers will have issues with buffering, pixelization, etc. Moreover, there is now a lot of 4K or UHD content on Netflix which provides a much better immersive viewing experience but requires more bandwidth. On its website, Netflix recommends a minimum of 25Mbps for 4K video which is very well supported by Converge’s recent permanent free speed upgrades where its entry level P1,500 plan is now at 35Mbps from the previous 25Mbps.


According to the December 2020 Netflix ISP Speed Index, the latest local iteration, Converge tops the board at 3.4 Mbps. Converge has been leading the Philippine ISP leaderboard for the last 6 months as can be seen from the ISP Leaderboard website.


As the leader in providing pure end-to-end fiber internet, Converge ensures this commitment also extends to its subscribers who enjoy consuming their fair share of entertainment, which includes Netflix.


With the introduction of free speed upgrades of up to 300 Mbps for its consumer plans last December, subscribers can continue to expect the best streaming experience and make more memories with the online platform with Converge.


“The changes we have felt arising from the pandemic has led many to explore their options for at-home entertainment, and we are pleased to see that Converge’s pure fiber internet has allowed its subscribers to enjoy the very best of online streaming platform Netflix, uninterrupted and in the highest possible quality. Our showing in the latest Netflix ISP Speed Index illustrates our commitment to continue providing fast and affordable internet to our subscribers,” said Converge Chief Operating Officer, Jesus Romero.

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