Build Your Own Pizza at Project Pie


If you are a pizza lover like me, you will know who says this everytime they see pizza. Yes, you are right. That’s what the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles say everytime they see and before eating boxes and boxes of pizzas.

But don’t you get tired of that usual pizza sauce, type of cheese and choice of meats and spices?

Well, you always have an option to #buildyourown pizza since that brand of Our Project Pie and here is their story. Founder James Markham was sick and tired of pizza that is dipped, dumped and stuffed beyond recognition that he created something real and better, fast and no frills in artisan style pizza.



And in taking fast casual, guest engagement, consumer empowerment concept to life, James together with his partners launched in the United States Pieology and later on MOD but soon after success came and the concept diluted, James decided create his own in Project Pie. The brand opened its first store at MGM Grand Las Vegas and shortly after opened the doors to other branches in the US. Seeing the potential of Project Pie, Mr. Leo Prieto Jr. then Chairman of International Family Food Services, Inc. (IFFSI) spoke to James and soon after, shook hands to bring the concept in the Philippines. Mr. Prieto, together with CEO Vic L. Gregorio set up DBE Project, Inc. (January 2013) the company that brought to life Project Pie in the Philippines (it’s first store opened in July 31, 2013), the first country to have the brand outside the United States. In 2016, the company changed management hands and is now headed by Mr. Chris Po, as Chairman of DBE Project Inc. and Mr. Vic Gregorio remains to be President.



The concept of Project Pie is what fast casual pizza is all about. We have grown to 9 stores to date, with the BGC branch being the latest to open its doors to the public last June 14, 2017. We empower our Guests to DESIGN and BUILD their own PIZZA, PASTA or SALAD or choose from our signature flavors. Our partners collaborate with our Guests in a casual and interactive creation. We boast of our best pizza crust and freshest ingredients, all baked in about 2 minutes! You can choose any of the 32 toppings, to create your own MasterPIZZA all for the same price, TOP THAT!



#BYO – Build Your Own is a concept we own as a brand. Freedom to choose is what we give our Guests. After all, we always want something new and something we can claim as our great idea, right? And speaking of NEW, our BGC store provides that fresh vibe, giving Project Pie another cool, Instagram-worthy energy. It’s the squad’s newest go to place. We also refreshed our logo to complement the fun side of the brand.



When you asked what’s next, we say hurray to our newest product- Oven Baked Chicken Wings! It comes in three (3) exciting flavors – Buffalo Red, BBQ and Pesto Parmesan. That’s one product you will surely enjoy together with your all-time favorite PIZZA, PASTA, and SALAD which you can also now enjoy delivered via FOODPANDA PH.



#buildyourown Salad with select toppings that you can choose from veggies, fruits, herbs and spices!

Project Pie opened its latest branch in BGC which is located at the 30th and 7th streets just beside The Globe Towers and at the same building of Ibiza Beach Club.


We are PROJECT PIE, and we bring more AWESOMENESS your way!


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