Bacao, an upcoming movie starring Michelle Madrigal

Bacao is a compelling story that revolves around a captivating barrio lass, Mayet (Michelle Madrigal), who blossomed into a sensuos and provocative woman desired by many men but whose heart belongs only to one – her husband Abel (Arnold Reyes).

Their sensual partnership is set against the backdrop of planting, growing and harvesting corn, or Bacao in the tribal Yogad term in the remote province of Isabela, which is their primary source of livelihood.

In her eager pursuit and desire to fulfill the very essence of her womanhood, which is bearing a child, Mayet falls trap to men with carnal desires, who capitalize on her vulnerability.

But just as bountiful corn harvest is brought about by a meticulous process aided by nature and human nurture, Mayet eventually reaps the steadfast efforts she sows to bear the fruit of her love for Abel against all odds. But not until sacrifice occurred.

This is the first ever starring role of the alluring actress Michelle Madrigal. She’s definitely not a newbie having been in the movie industry for ten years now. Insiders say that “Bacao” is tailor fit for Michelle, a beautiful and moving story master-megged by veteran director Edgardo “Boy” Vinarao for a very talented actress with a blooming showbiz career. The story zooms in on the desire of Mayet, Michelle’s character, to bear a child for her beloved husband Abel.

Looking at some inside scenes during the making of the film, we asked the star Michelle Madrigal some revealing questions:

“What was your reaction when you found out that you are to star in Bacao?” Michelle said, “I was initially nervous but Direk Boy Vinarao was so nice and accommodating yet precise in giving me instructions and helping me totally picture out the role I was playing. The rape scene was specially challenging to me but with the help of Direk Boy and co-star Direk Leo Martinez, it came out super artistic and yet realistic.”

Asked about Michelle Madrigal as an actress, Director Boy Vinarao has lots of good things to say about Michelle. Direk Boy says, “Michelle is an excellent actress, there is a certain depth in her acting. She’s easy to work with and fun to be with. She follows instructions to a “tee” and is highly professional, on the set early with the lines already memorized and internalized. I will always want her to be part of my future projects.”

Oro de Siete Productions, Inc.was organized and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on June 11, 2014. Its primary purpose is to engage in the business of producing and providing entertainment in the movie, television, and video industries. It consists of seven incorporators. The key officers are: Engr. Felizardo R. Sevilla, who is the Chairman of the Board; Rolando G. Peñaflor, President; Alberto Pascual, Vice President; Marilyn Ballesteros-Mariano, the Chief Finance Officer and Board Directors Amable Tolentino, Jaime Bartolome and Amelita Fernandez.

Oro de Siete’s maiden film offering is ”Bacao,” which is directed by award-winning master director Edgardo J. Vinarao.

Bacao directed by Edgardo J. “Boy” Vinarao and produced by Oro de Siete is one of the four entries to the Sineng Pambansa National Film Festival 2014 to be exhibited by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP). It will be shown in all branches of SM cinemas nationwide starting on October 29, 2014.


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