Araneta City malls light up giant Christmas trees with a message

Christmas celebrations continue in Araneta City with the lighting of towering  traditional mall Christmas trees in a virtual event participated by vlogger Benedict Cua on November  20, 2020. 

After the successful virtual lighting ceremony for the iconic giant Christmas tree at the Times Square  Food Park last November 14, the City of Firsts shines more as Christmas trees at the Gateway Mall, Ali  Mall, and Farmers Plaza were lighted through another virtual event livestreamed on Facebook and  YouTube.  


Araneta City
Araneta City malls light up giant Christmas trees with a message


For this year, each of the giant Christmas trees of Araneta City conveys a positive message to bring  inspiration to the public these trying times. The outdoor giant Christmas tree bears the message HOPE to make everyone look forward to better  days ahead. “I believe everyone will really feel the comfort and joys of Christmas here at Araneta City,” Mr Bernard Cua said.


Araneta City
Ali Mall Christmas tree lighting


The Christmas tree at Gateway Mall is embedded with giant letters that spell FAITH, which reminds  people to believe that everything will be fine despite the challenges in life. Ali Mall’s Christmas tree  sparks JOY, reminding people to find happiness and satisfaction even in the smallest of things. The  picturesque Christmas tree in Farmers Plaza shares the message of LOVE, telling people that it’s important to celebrate the season with warmth and empathy. 


Araneta City
Farmers Plaza mall Christmas tree lighting


During the virtual mall tree lighting event, Cua took time to visit all Christmas trees and explore the  offerings of each mall. “I am impressed with how Araneta City implements stringent health guidelines  and social distancing protocols,” Benedict shared as he also shopped for his OOTD at the Farmers  Plaza, checked out the Government Center at Ali Mall, and dined at the Gateway Mall. 


Araneta City
Gateway Mall Christnas tree lighting


The much-awaited annual Christmas events at the City of Firsts such as the giant Christmas tree  lighting and the belen lighting (happening on November 27) are all made virtual this year in  compliance with the quarantine restrictions imposed due to the pandemic. But these traditional  season attractions will remain open to the public. 


Araneta City, the city of firsts
“I believe everyone will really feel the comfort and joys of Christmas here at Araneta City,” he added.


“We understand how the pandemic has affected everything, including the way we’ll welcome and  celebrate Christmas. That’s why we came up with the theme ‘Comfort and Joys at the City of Firsts’ for this Christmas. Through our virtual events, we are looking forward to giving joy and hope to  everyone this season,” according to Marjorie Go, AVP for Marketing of Araneta City.


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