Always Power On Tecno mobile Pouvoir 4, the battery king!


From sunrise to sunset to sunrise, from dusk ’til dawn ’til dusk. This is what the Tecno Mobile Pouvoir 4 can bring you. To set the right expectations upon unboxing, i had to take it to the real test to prove what 6000mah battery can give you and it proved me right.


Tecno Mobile Pouvoir 4
Always Power On Tecno mobile Pouvoir 4, the battery king!


So what were my criteria for testing? First, i had to make sure that the screen brightness is turned to its maximum. Then, connected on wifi, i connected the Tecno Mobile 4 to another device via bluetooth, the Sound Partner which is a neckband speaker.



Then i had to test it different aspects, Facebook and FB calls, YouTube for quite a long time watching songs and concerts, playing my favorite game Call of Duty Mobile and watching movies on the HBO app.

Here’s the breakdown :

Facebook : 6 hrs 13 mins.

HiOS launcher 16 mins.

Google (Youtube and Chrome) 19 hrs 17 mins.

Call of Duty 2 hrs 6 mins.

HBO Go 46 mins.

Total : 28 hrs 38mins.


battery life of the Pouvoir 4
Always Power On Tecno mobile Pouvoir 4, the battery king!


I am also including the YouTube video of the initial unboxing and installation. What do you do the moment you get connected on the WiFi? To tell you a secret, the first thing i do is download and install Kaspersky Internet Security which is actually a FREE app. Make sure that your smartphone gets the ample protection since you connected this to all your accounts.


I also had to test the dual speakers of the Tecno Mobile Pouvoir 4 and i am amazed by the very loud volume it can deliver in a small room. There is one speaker at the bottom of the unit which is down firing so you can hear it on the right side the moment you tilt the phone in the gaming mode. There is also another speaker inside the unit near the finger scanner. You can actually feel the vibration on the left side the moment you start playing your favorite game.



The Tecno Mobile Pouvoir 4 has a 7 inch wide screen that really is good for gamers with big hands like me. There is a bigger space and more visible output. The 3GB ROM and 32GB RAM is just enough for your apps, pictures and files.


The google assistant is also a good place to put a button. You have a quick access to GOOGLE. My conclusion for this, if you have a tight budget or just looking for a secondary or tertiary phone, or you want a gift suggestion for your parents or young sibling, this one is a perfect match for you.


Not much of the bells and whistles but it has basically what you need for a smartphone.






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