Alcatel Boomband now in the Philippines

alcatel boombandalcatel boomband

Have you ever thought of looking for a device that would give you an instant update on your pace to health and be able to share and compare with your friends and buddies?

Well, look no further. Alcatel boomband is now here in the Philippines. Aside from its mainline product in mobile phones, Alcatel launched one of its innovative product to wealth in health. This wearable device worn as a wristband, allows you to get real-time access report of your pace with the use of your smartphone. Once paired, the bluetooth enabled device sends the statistics in a graphical manner featuring number of steps taken, number of steps you need to take and percentage of your progress daily.

Some health expert says that you need to take at least 10,000 steps daily to keep you healthy. “TEN THOUSAND STEPS!” means walking from Roxas Boulevard upto Boni avenue via Buendia avenue. That’s how long 10,000 steps are. But now since we live in a very fast paced world, everything moves so fast from point to point that we need to make use of transport systems to take us there. If you are working for example in Makati, briskwalking from appointment to appointment, building to building would be more logical since heavy road traffic is a standard already here in the Philippines and an open parking slot would be a hard to find during business hours.

So whats’ the solution? Treat yourself to a boomband and start walking to a healthier you. There is also an option to take the challenge right after work in completing those 10k steps. THe boomband is a rechargeable device and it is water resistant from water splashes which makes this wearable device rugged and no need to take it off even when you sleep. Right before sleeping, you can go to sleep mode so that it will not give you a faulty alert of non-activity as there will be very less motion.

You can also use this as an alarm that you set on your smart phone so waking you up simply onetouch easy.

What alerts does this device have?

If you walk away from your door and unexpectedly you left your phone, the boomband will give you a vibrating alert for out of range. At the same time, when you are briskwalking, jogging or pre-occupied doing a run, it will also notify you for incoming calls.

The best thing about it using your smartphone is you can download the reports, share and compare with your friends!

So if you are wanting to shed those excess love handles, walking and exercising with the Alcatel Boomband would be a perfect companion.


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