ABS-CBN and The City Government of Manila signs up agreement for Go! Manila

ABS-CBN, the leader in TV broadcasting having the widest coverage and viewership in the Philippines, recently signed up with the City Government of Manila, duly represented by its elected Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada and Vice Mayor Francisco Domagoso “aka” Isko Moreno, for the approval to use the Go! Manila app to be previewed on TV.

The Go! Manila app is the latest innovation launched by the City of Manila, which integrates the first projects of Erap-Isko tandem. Initially, they launched wifi hotspots into the waiting sheds of the Metropolis so that the stranded commuters can reach their love ones and be able to notify them of their situation and location using the internet. Then they implemented the ip-based surveillance cameras that show you the latest and upto date traffic situationer, weather and in case there are accidents, traffic jams, floods during rainy seasons and the most important is crime prevention.

The Go! Manila is a free app and downloadable via the Google Play store and Apple iTunes store. Now, as not all mobile users have smartphones, they can have a live feed provided by the City of Manila to ABS-CBN and you can view it on TV. This is a guarantee that more and more people will be able to experience and appreciate this pioneering advancement with the aid of Technology.

This partnership is really a milestone as it increases awareness that criminalities and lawless entities are being watched round the clock as it helps the law enforcement by providing forensics reports while our policeman are away and asleep. In case of fire, rains, typhoons and floods, you can easily be informed of not going to a particular destination.

I hope all other Cities and Municipalities in the Province would also have the same type of service so that this becomes a standard in the Country.


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