A salute to Super Minimart Frontliners

Alfamart employees work amidst COVID-19 threat

As we honor and salute people serving in the medical field, Doctors, Nurses, Medical Technicians, Nutritionists, Pharmacists, ambulance drivers, office staffs who persistently strive to go to work in order to serve the needy public amidst the threat of an invisible foe, the COVID-19 virus, let us offer our prayers to them.

Alfamart Super minimart
Alfamart always happy to serve!

Aside from the medical field, supermarkets, groceries and super minimarts remain open to serve the public for their daily needs. Alfamart is one of those super minimart that has maintained their workforce to report to work.

Alfamart Super minimart happy to serve!
Alfamart open to serve amidst COVID-19

Public transport has been temporarily banned from travelling and the government allocated some public transport for health workers,on a limited route only. Thus, making travel to and from home to work wasn’t easy and comfortable. Some had to walk great distances leave home early just to chance to get a ride.

Alfamart Super minimart
Alfamart provides transportation for their employees

So how would normal people survive the Enhanced Community Quarantine when there is no transport available and curfew hours are strictly implemented?

Alfamart Super minimart
Ready to serve!

Good news! Alfamart, the super minimart has pledged to serve the people by keeping their stores open amidst the corona virus outbreak or COVID-19 epidemic. By strategically locating their stores to conveniently provide goods you need from a supermarket at a supermarket price.

Alfamart super minimart
Alfamart supplies refreshed everyday


Alfamart will save us the time cueing up in long lines due to social distancing to help prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

Alfamart Super minimart
Alfamart is the life saver


Going to the supermarket can be done every week for planned set of menu. But in times when suddenly you get a lot of visitors and your stocks in the freezer is almost depleted, i am lucky to have an Alfamart near me.

Alfamart definitely is a lifesaver! Get all the simple things you need from a supermarket at the same price!

Thank you to all the staff who makes Alfamart in service despite the danger. Hats off and salute to the brave men and women who make things happen to serve the Filipinos!










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