A fleet of trucks from Sweden arrives the Philippines

Scania opens Showroom and Service center in the Philippines

Scania, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks and buses for heavy transport applications, and of industrial, marine and power engines, officially opens its showroom and service center to signify their commitment to the local market and ensure they are able to deliver the kind of service excellence Scania is known for worldwide.

The showroom, which is located at 1132 EDSA Balintawak, Quezon City, is one of the largest in the country taking up an area of more than 1,000 square meters. Amenities include a Display Area for eight trucks, Service Area with three bays, Driver’s Lounge, Tools Room, Service Reception Area, Assembly Area and a Stock Room. It also serves as the corporate offices for Scania.

“Scania builds some of the finest trucks, buses and engines in the world. Then we back them up with services that deliver value, reliability and high uptime – giving you an excellent return on your investment. Scania services help you grow your business and keep it moving forward,” said James Armstrong, Managing Director Scania of Southeast Asia.

Our highly professional teams are there to offer you valuable advice on preventive maintenance, maintenance intervals, on associated parts, and on doing the right thing at the right time. It’s this professional advice – together with the right maintenance and parts – that can make all the difference and prevent unexpected, costly and time-consuming mechanical failures.

“All of our local technicians have been sent to Malaysia for training and we strictly adhere to all of Scania’s maintenance and service protocols to make sure the trucks of our customers are in perfect running condition. We also have a large inventory of parts to reduce downtime for our customers,” said Leilani Lim-Tan, Vice President of BJ Mercantile, Inc. BJ Mercantile, Inc., which has built a strong reputation over the last four decades as one of the country’s top engine and truck distributors, is the official sales & services dealer partner for the Philippines.

Currently on display are the G-Series Trucks, which brings a new level of comfort to drivers engaged in long-haulage, distribution and virtually all types of construction applications. These are perfect for petroleum haulers and for those in the construction and mining business.

“We already have a lot of units available so interested customers don’t need to wait months to get their truck,” adds Leilani Lim-Tan, “We also offer any type of customization, from the size of the cabin, the color of the truck, to the fabric of the seats, but these will be on a pre-order basis.”
Scania will also sell generators for industrial use with power ranging from 250 to 800 KVA. These come in two versions, the open and the canopy, and both deliver outstanding fuel economy and uptime.
Come and visit the showroom and experience the Scania difference. For more information, you may call 361-0088 or send an email to info@bjmerc.com.


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